No one shows up for 6-year-old’s birthday party – then mom shares picture and the community steps up

It was meant to be the best day of Teddy’s childhood, but for him, it turned out to be a horrible one. For his sixth birthday, his parents planned to take him to Disney World or Lego Land, but he wanted to spend it with his friends.

Teddy’s mother picked out a table at Peter Piper Pizza about two weeks before the big day, and she gave Teddy’s teacher thirty-two invitations, asking her to distribute one to each student in the class. More than half of the child’s parents said they would bring their children to the celebration.

After this, Sia was crushed. She was heartbroken for her son, who was having a truly trying day on what ought to have been a fun one.

“To be honest, I was a little let down,” Teddy’s father told the New York Post. Teddy thought it was unfortunate that they hadn’t arrived an hour into the festivities since, in his opinion, it was what mattered most. In an attempt to cheer up their son, the parents tried to distract him with activities like arcade games.

Sia made the decision to take a photo of Teddy and share it online with the goal of spreading awareness that anything similar should never happen to anyone. But she had no idea that Teddy’s melancholy photo would go viral and attract so much attention. She even felt bad about sharing it after realizing how much attention it received.

The source is Inside Edition.

Hundreds of individuals emailed Teddy birthday greetings, and many of them included gifts. To make Teddy’s day a little bit better, the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Rising MLS team invited the family to their upcoming games.

On behalf of all the other parents who chose not to bring their children to the celebration, only one parent expressed regret to Sia.

The source is Inside Edition.

Even though this story disappointed us, it should serve as a reminder to be more deliberate and thoughtful.

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