They blocked off the road after realizing what this elephant was carrying with its trunk

Elephants are truly unique animals. After years of intensive study and observation, experts have found that the grieving process of elephants and people is remarkably similar.

Longtime researcher on elephants at Colorado State University George Wittemyer told National Geographic, “Elephants have respect for their dead, but their interaction with their dead is not something we fully understand.”

He continued, saying that it is quite amazing and evidence of these animals’ emotional intelligence that they react emotionally when a member of their herd passes away.

Parveen Kaswan, a Twitter user, posted a video that once again demonstrated elephants’ capacity for grieving. Later on, they not only bury the deceased but also pay reverence to the bones.

Numerous persons and cars are seen parked in the middle of the road in the footage. A herd of elephants is crossing the street, which is the cause.

The fact that one of the elephants was using its trunk to transport something attracted the attention of the onlookers. They discovered that the animal was carrying a dead baby elephant after giving it a closer inspection.

The rest of the group gathered around the dead calf’s body, which the herd had stopped and laid on the ground.

Kaswan captioned the photo, saying, “The family just don’t want to leave the baby.” He also said that the scene looked like a “funeral procession.”

Another animal picked up the dead baby and carried it in its trunk as they traveled on.

Visit the video below to witness the amazing moment.


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