I pushed my spouse out of bed to stop what I believed was snoring

A tragic story was shared with Metro by Lisa Lee, a 25-year-old lady.

One night, while she was sleeping beside her husband, she thought she heard what sounded like snoring. To urge her husband Lewis Little, 25, to stop snoring, she gave him a little prod.

“To get him to stop what I thought was snoring, I shoved him off the bed. But when I saw that the sheet was soaked, I knew something was wrong. I switched on the light and studied his injured face since he was unable to breathe. Lisa remarked, “Even though I called for an ambulance, it seemed like forever before it showed up.

When the ambulance finally arrived, the doctors told the distressed woman that her husband had been dead for a few hours.

She was not willing to face the fact that she had heard him snore. They told her then that the noise she thought was snoring was actually air moving out of his body and against his voice cords.

Lisa was aware that her spouse suffered from Brugada syndrome, a rare cardiac condition that usually runs in the family and disrupts the heart’s rhythm. Despite the fact that this sickness can be fatal, Lewis was given the assurance that he would live a long time and that his life was not in danger.

He passed away a year following his diagnosis.

We are deeply sorry for this loss. I wish him tranquility.

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