A surprise visit from his hero breaks the 10-year-old cowboy’s dream.

As part of a class project, two young boys in Las Vegas talked about their desire to become professional bull riders. As soon as FOX5 learned about it, the FOX5 Surprise Squad was dispatched to the boys’ homes to assist with the realization of their aspirations.

Jay Kellogg and his sister Jet had aspirations of becoming accomplished bull riders when they were young. Even without sports, they could only experience an adrenaline rush. These kids adore riding bulls since their father was a good bull rider.

Young Jayce wrote in a book message that he wanted to become a bull rider like his late father. The child donned his father’s Texas-style hat with excitement and pride. PBR and Fox Five News worked together, surprising two young PBR enthusiasts.

The FOX5 Surprise Team decided to do something special and honorable for the boys after learning about Jesse and Jet, so he unannouncedly showed up at their house for a charming and unexpected interview.


The FOX5 Surprise Squad and the PBR team brought three famous bulls to their driveway. The teenagers were in a state of complete disbelief. When they noticed that someone had left the truck, they informed the bulls.

As he drew near, the young people recognized the man as J. B. Mountain, the well-known bull rider. Moon heard the kids’ justifications for their love of the games and their admiration for him on a par with their father.

Mauni also presented the young people with PBR tickets as a sign of his value. They had to see Jamie being taken to a big field that night for a performance. The two young men appeared to have a lovely and happy day, as you can tell.

The grandparents of the children were incredibly intelligent and imaginative. granny informed them. Of course, I am aware of God’s unique attitude to children. Their father provides for them and is happy with their successes.

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