9 years ago, a young girl was born with a distinctive “clown nose”: look ather current appearance after so many years

Lloyd Connie’s parents made the resolute decision to raise their child despite her “odd” features when she was born.

Three-year-old born with 'clown nose' undergoes operation

Connie had a “clown nose,” a huge red mole that was on her nose.

Her parents were informed by the physicians that it was a hemangioma and that it will go away on its own. Yet, as the years went by, nothing changed. The parents then made the decision to act and resolve the issue in a different way.

Op ends 'clown nose' birthmark misery of girl, 3 - Mirror Online

As the young girl grew older and had fewer companions, she became more self-conscious about her appearance. After three years of looking, her parents finally located a qualified doctor who could remove the birthmark off her nose.

Zara Green daughter Connie no longer typecast as Rudolph after surgery to  remove red birthmark from nose - Mirror Online

The girl’s surgery was a huge success, and the efforts of the doctor and her parents were not in vain. The outcomes are pleasing, and the girl now resembles her peers after the procedure.

I was terrified she'd be asked to play Rudolph in the school play':  Mother's relief after surgery to remove her daughter's birthmark is  successful | Daily Mail Online

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