First place With 49 million views, the Boogie Woogie dance breaks records.

Using the boogie woogie, lindy hop, and solo swinging dance styles as a kind of bracing is a beneficial and effective way to increase your heart rate for: Yet nothing beats watching a talented and well-known dance partner illuminate the entire floor.

One of these special and well-liked dancing pairs that can just swing around the heartbeat without any strain is Sondre and Tanya’s wonderful dance duet. The incredible dancing duo from YouTube is dominating the stage.

Sondre and Tanya do an amazing and unique performance of boogie woogie dance routines across the stage while holding the coveted and well-known silver YouTube play button.

The duo achieved a competitive top spot at the World Masters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, thanks to one such display of breathtakingly quick floating dances. Tanya and Sondre’s dance showcases their wealth of experience.

The two dancers quickly won over the entire competition audience with their quick performance, which was met with thunderous acclaim as they swung quickly to the music and produced a tornado of twirls, dips, and kicks.

Sondre and Tanya won the World Master with ease thanks to their quick footwork. The great video of their outstanding boogie woogie-inspired dance routine continues to gain popularity as the globe becomes more aware of their dancing prowess.


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