12-year-old girl grabs 17M hearts with moving “Bohemian Rhapsody”

All I can see is Freddie grinning proudly down below.

The judges were astounded by Naomi Aye’s blind audition performance on The Voice Kids France when she was twelve years old.

You will be awestruck by Naomi’s amazing performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
Aye played the piano at her blind audition and sang the song in a voice that was unique for someone her age.

That voice had the judges all whirling around in their seats.
If Naomi had been terrified, she didn’t show it; instead, she demonstrated her abilities with a confidence that the late Freddie Mercury himself would have been proud of.

Naomi sang the song like Freddie, playing the piano and stunned the judges with her range and multiple vocal improvisations. The 12-year-old had the judges’ interest the entire time.

Aye softly opens the song, showcasing a slow but impressive command of a song that is immensely popular and loved all over the world.

As soon as she starts singing, judges Kendji Girac and Soprano are immediately impressed and turn around.

Girac stays on her feet throughout the whole of the performance.

Naomi gave a heartfelt and passionate performance of the song at the tender age of twelve.

She is actually Hungarian and Cuban. Aye lives in Luxembourg and is multilingual in five languages.

She began singing and playing the piano at a young age.

In this case, Naomi plainly likes to sing along with the piano.

Aye is going to have amazing concerts in the future; her talent will only grow with time.

Watch Naomi’s incredible blind audition below!

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