Bigger bodied 14-year-old diver plunges off diving board making headlines when he starts to flip

The teenager is demonstrating to the entire world that in athletics, size is irrelevant.

We have been under constant pressure to conform to social norms. Like how we were led to believe that there was a particular standard of beauty or ideal profession depending on gender, it appears that there is a common thought on what someone should look like and should b

People gradually took action to deviate from the norm. Although some individuals continue to impose their antiquated prejudices on us, we look up to those who reject them, such as the women who work as engineers, astronauts, and racing car drivers. models with a variety of racial, cultural, physical characteristics.

Because he disproved these prejudices, this adolescent gained notoriety. Ezekiel Sanchez required his chosen sport to develop his tenacity and passion.

Breaking the mold
If you don’t fit the mold, shatter it nonetheless! That is what Zeke Sanchez did to the general public’s perception of those who engage in diving.

What does a diver come to mind? Maybe someone with all the muscles and abs? They refer to it as the “Baywatch body.” Zeke, however, demonstrated that there are other images of divers because he doesn’t have that body. He is an example of that.

Breaking the internet
On his Instagram page, Zeke shared a video of his failed dive attempt in 2018, and it received more than 180,000 views. Ezekiel wasn’t labeled when this was previously covered by a sports page. He worked on it since he felt it’d be wonderful to be noticed once more.

She continued by saying that Zeke has continually progressed in these areas, which are crucial in their sport. Several people were inspired by his talent and commitment, including his coach, teammates, and young athletes of similar height and age who might have felt excluded from athletics.

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