The six boys had long hair and everybody made fun of them, but what all those bullies didn’t realize was that these boys were growing their hair out for a special reason

The only way we can improve the world is by teaching our children empathy. When we pay attention to each other, everything seems to come together.

Six siblings from New York—two sets of twins, a pair of triplets, and a 10-year-old—lost a very close friend. The deceased young guy fought cancer for a while, but sadly, he was defeated. He began to experience hair loss while undergoing chemotherapy. This devastated the hearts of the siblings. In honor of their friend who passed away, they all decided to grow their hair long in his or her memory, to give it to others who had also been stricken with cancer. When they heard of their friend’s passing, their hearts broke.

They decided to keep their plan under wraps. Their mother was perplexed as to why any of them objected to having their hair cut.

Unfortunately, as each month went by and their hair grew longer, so did the jeers from their peers.

The siblings were made fun of, and many people said they seemed to be girls. They didn’t really care because they knew what they wanted and were determined to get it.

They had collected a total of seventeen feet of hair when the time came for them to donate it. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

That such young children are capable of such love and compassion makes us joyful.

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