The mystery of Michael Jackson’s famous “antigravity tilt” is solved

“Smooth Criminal,” a song by Michael Jackson, was released in 1988. The singer’s seamless antigravity trick astounded his audience. He stooped as low as possible and leaned 45 degrees. Many believed that the pop singer was restrained with special cables because he didn’t even tremble while standing still.

But, the singer soon made the decision to do the same act live, leaving the audience in awe. The “magic” shoes that kept Michael Jackson throughout his trick were a secret that Michael Jackson and his shoemaker didn’t share for many years.

The heels of the shoes were very thick, and on the side facing the sole, they featured triangular depressions. At the perfect time, the unique hooks pulled out from the stage and nearly “fixed” the performer. The secret wasn’t made public until 1996.

The artist was on tour in Russia when he gave a bad performance in the nation’s capital, making it impossible for him to continue on stage. The secret was made public after Michael Jackson collapsed because the shoes didn’t fit properly.

The well-known sneakers were soon auctioned off for a fantastic 600,000.

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