Adorable little boy’s Elvis song has judges out of seats dancing

Because of how much he adores Elvis Presley, little Lissandro Formica is affectionately referred to as “Elvissandro” by others.

At the age of 5, his father introduced him to “The King,” and he immediately fell in love with music.
Therefore it was only logical that the little monarch prepared to sing one of Presley’s songs when he appeared on The Voice Kids France.
Now that there are so many Elvis songs available, Lissandro could have gone in any direction he desired.

The four people sat spinning in their seats because this kid is so cool and endearing!

Lissandro is confident enough to perform for an audience despite his youth.

In around ten years, we can’t wait to meet this kid again.

We can only hope that he decides to pursue a career in music since his inner Elvis is itching to come out.

Check out Lissandro’s Elvis jam below!


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