The oldest park ranger in the USA is this loyal old lady: At age 100, Betty Reid retires.

At the age of 100, Betty Reid Soskin, who has been chronicling her dedicated devotion for more than 15 years, announced her retirement. She worked professionally and selflessly for 15 years at Richmond’s Home Front National Historic Parking, where she left a large charitable legacy.

Soskin, who just turned 100, is now thought to be the most well-known park ranger currently employed in the USA. The authorities will recognize her retirement from service with a public event on April 16. The renowned then formally announced that she was quitting her beloved profession. The legendary 100-year-old woman was a file clerk in a union hall in the 1940s.

Together with her husband, Mel Reid, she would eventually operate the “Reid’s Records” store. However, the company was legally shut down in 2019, so she had to find a new job. Soskin began a new career as a ranger for the National Park Service in 2011 after turning 89. She was a reliable employee who also managed neighborhood projects, shared tales, and came up with novel ideas for the visitor center.

The bold woman exclaimed her joy at taking center stage in the historical account of her own life. It had been enjoyable giving the national park a new look, she continued.

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