Mother Welcomed Her First Child at 66 and Has Lived with Public Rejection since Then

You will cherish the memories of the day you became a parent forever. A special youngster who is reliant on you has just been born. As they strive to accomplish their objectives, you must give them the best environment and support.

Since Adriana Iliescu was 66 when she gave birth to her first child in 2005, her story got a lot of media attention.

When Adriana’s daughter Eliza was born, she was ecstatic.

Despite spending 17 years away from the spotlight, the elderly mother has lately returned thanks to some well-publicized photos of her daughter.

There are some days that have the power to totally change someone’s life. Undoubtedly, the moment you receive your child cannot be accurately described by any parent who has ever experienced parenthood.

It’s the best feeling in the world to see that adorable child looking up at you for the first time.

Some people are immortalized in history books from birth.

Eliza Iliescu had that exact experience when she was born in 2005 in Romania. The mother of the girl made history as a result of the girl.

Adriana Iliescu set the record for the oldest mother at 66 years old. For obvious reasons, Eliza’s birth attracted media attention, earning Adriana a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Adriana discussed her experiences as a mother in 2010 after facing harsh criticism for doing so soon after giving birth. She was viewed by the populace as greedy and excessively old.

“The mirror is unfair to women, but if you look at how vibrant I am, you’d think I’m a young lady. I feel like I’m 37 when I’m a little more worn out, but I just feel like I’m 27. I’m healthier than women who are more than half my age.

“People often joke that I’m ‘grandma,’ but Eliza wasn’t there to make me look younger. Never do I feel my age.

Adriana, who was 71 at the time, also said that she intended to have another child when speaking with the British tabloid.

Medically, it’s possible, she added. I know that studies with a 70-year-old woman are currently being conducted in England, so it might be possible. I am in good health and think it is possible for me to have another child in the future, but I’m not in a rush right now.

Like most mothers and daughters, Adriana and Eliza share a relationship that develops over time. Eliza is a little child who is incredibly happy, funny, and smart.

Despite the fact that many people have an opinion regarding Adriana’s age, the mother insists that Adriana is a wonderful mother and takes good care of Eliza.

“I don’t consume alcohol or smoke. Eliza will be 20 years old when I die if I survive as long as my parents did. I still believe I have a lot to offer her.

Adriana did not plan on getting pregnant at such a late age. When Adriana Iliescu was a young newlywed, she was forced to have an abortion due to health issues. She was 24 when her husband abandoned her.

Adriana subsequently focused on other facets of her life, such as her job as a professor at a Romanian university.

I was working and “I couldn’t even think about a child.”

But until I got my doctorate at age 37, I wasn’t ready to start a family. IVF, however, was not available back then.

When in vitro fertilization became an option in Romania, Adriana was 57 years old. Despite attending counseling, Adriana miscarried with her first pregnancy in 2000.

Because she wanted children, many people turned their backs on her. They believed Adriana was acting immorally, yet she never gave up trying to have children.

After receiving care from Dr. Bogdan Marinescu in Bucharest, Eliza was eventually born. Adriana had really been hoping for triplets, but only Eliza was born alive after the other two were stillborn. She unfortunately had to spend a lot of time in the NICU due to her early delivery.

Deeply devout Adriana wanted to baptize her daughter as soon as she developed into a strong young child. Sadly, several religious groups were against Adriana having a child at her advanced age. Adriana received strange looks from the nuns at Eliza’s baptism; one of them even referred to her as “the creation of dark energy.”

Eliza, according to Adriana, is a gift from God. Adriana Iliescu of this day

It has been 17 years since Adriana gave birth to her first kid in 2022. Although Eliza frequently confuses Adriana for her grandmother, the two of them are now having a terrific time.

The seasoned mother, however, remains in excellent mental and physical health. She is an extremely caring person, and nurturing a child requires love.

Adriana is still a writer at the age of 83. She has more than 25 children’s books to her credit and claims to be in good health. Despite having a great reputation as a mother, she continues to work as a part-time professor in Bucharest.

Additionally, Adriana has made sure that Eliza’s future is in good hands.

Adriana and the doctor came to an agreement when she decided to use IVF. In the event that Adriana passes away, he will serve as the girl’s godfather and legal guardian.

Eliza, 17, wants to go to college and study, but Adriana initially desires to keep her family’s private matters hidden. Eliza carries on her mother’s academic tradition by always being named to the honor roll.

She seemed to be doing better than many others in their 25s and 30s. She has no extraneous hobbies that could distract her because she is COMMITTED to her child. Her daughter exudes incredible energy and appears to be content, joyful, and all around well-rounded.

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