A couple refused to abandon a stray puppy they came across at a gas station while traveling.

For ten weeks, Ana and her traveling partner traveled across the country by car. They merely stopped at a fueling station close to Moniker briefly to visit a convenience store. They were approached by a dog that seemed to be looking for them particularly.

Soon later, a neighbor who claimed to be feeding stray dogs got in touch with them. She then started raving to everyone about what a wonderful dog she was and how desperately she needed a home. or at the very least a decent hostel.

After only a few minutes of riding with her in the car, we decided to bring her to our apartment, Ana says. The puppy proved to be a very sensitive and loving creature. Moniker was her real name. Moniker seemed to be no older than 7 months.

She was grateful to be included, and she treasured every moment she had with Ana and her friend. Moniker adjusted right away when Ana and her friend were there. She now owns a big house, lots of toys, and everything she didn’t know before. What a happy story.

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