Woman buys homeless man food and stays with him – he then gives her a note and she realizes the truth.

I just stumbled over a sociological experiment in which a decently attired female was left alone by the sidewalk. The majority of people stopped to ask her parents’ whereabouts and if she needed help when they observed her. The same girl now stood in the same place, her clothes ragged and stained. She was passed by a number of people, but none of them seemed to notice. And those who did watched with resentment.

This is the grim truth of today. It raises the question, “When did egotistical people start caring only about other people’s appearances in this world?” Or, why is the life of a wealthy person worth more than that of a poor person?

Luckily, we come across someone on the road who shows us that not everyone has lost the ability to sympathize with others who are less fortunate, which gives us hope that all is not lost.

Casey Fischer chose to swing by Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee during her break from classes after seeing a homeless man collecting change on the side of the road. Then he entered, figuring he would purchase some food.

As she got closer, Fisher could see that the man had barely made $1 in change in his hand. She then offered to buy his bagel and coffee and urged him to join her at her table.

The man introduced himself as Chris and informed Fischer that his homelessness was the only reason he was regularly treated unfairly.

He admitted that the drug abuse had turned him into the guy he hated. All he really wanted in life was to be the person his late mother would have been proud of. but was unable to do so for some reason.

Fischer stated to Chris that she was glad to meet him and that it was time for her to head back to class, so she had to go. Still, the man waved her away, took a piece of crumpled paper, wrote something on it, and handed it to his new acquaintance.

Fischer was surprised when she opened the note. She didn’t realize how much of an impact her actions would have on the homeless man. For him, this was far more than just catching up over coffee and bagels. That caused something in him to change.

“I wanted to kill myself today,” the note stated. I don’t do anymore because of you. I’m appreciative, dear one.

We would also want to thank this lovely young lady. You must make the required adjustments for this world to survive.

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