Bomb discovery! He accidentally found a car at the bottom of the river and called the police

Two young women, ages twenty-five and twenty-two, respectively, named Ilya Zhirnov and Kira Cherkasova vanished from the central Russian city of Cheboksary twelve years ago. Before the amateur diver discovered their automobile at the bottom of the river, no one knew what had happened to them.

The authorities claimed that the automobile had been submerged beneath water for about ten years.

The authorities identified the two missing people using identity documents that had withstood the underwater submersion. The diver found the young people’s possessions inside the car along with two bodies.

Even though this is a horrible finding, it may offer new information about the case.

The couple lost control of their car on the slick road and ended up in the river, but no one observed or reported the accident to the authorities, according to the police’s original theory.

Many people are curious, though, as to how long it will take the authorities to conclude with certainty what happened to the two people. Will an inquiry be made into this situation?

Is there a possibility that this discovery will lead to the discovery of other hints or proof that will explain what transpired twelve years ago?

For now, it’s unclear what more investigation will turn up.

For now, it’s unclear what more investigation will turn up.

The amateur diver’s discovery, though, suggests that we shouldn’t give up on attempting to find solutions to our issues. For those looking for information in cases of unsolved murders or missing persons, it might be a huge advancement.

In the end, this finding ought to make us think about the people who are still unaccounted for and serve as a reminder that sometimes the solutions are there in front of us.

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