My Fiancé Humiliated Me in His Wedding Vows — He Regretted It Later

Emily feels like she’s finally living the wedding fantasy as she makes her way down the aisle. The dress, the setting, the music, and her fiancé are all flawless. Up until Jason utterly humiliates her in front of everyone during the vows ceremony. He eventually tastes his own medicine, though.

I had been waiting for this day for a long time. following several months of organizing my wedding and dieting to fit into my ideal gown. This was the turning point.

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My father extended his hand, ready to lead me down the aisle to Jason, saying, “Come on, darling.”

My father kissed my forehead and asked, “How do you feel?”

“Happy,” was all I said. “Dad, I’ve been dreaming of this day for years.”

I had picked out the quiet music we would go down the aisle to months in advance. Perched on a wooden stool was the guitarist.

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Jason took my hand from my father and said, “Emma, you look beautiful.”

As promised, the priest spoke about commitment and love at the start of the ceremony.

The priest grinned at both of us and said, “It’s time for the vows.”

“You are my closest buddy, Jason, and I have always wished to wed my best friend. I swear to help you, to always laugh with you, and to develop beside you. I promise to be dependable and to treasure our time together. both in this lifetime and the next.

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Beside me, my sister groaned and wiped away her tears.

The priest said, “Jason.” “Now is your turn.”

Jason grinned at me before turning to his groomsmen and making them giggle.

“My darling Emily,” he said. “Even if you keep asking me to take out the trash because you think the house smells, I swear I will always be there for you.”

The groomsmen of Jason laughed.

And we all know how much you adore those eight-legged creatures, so I’ll constantly hold your hand—especially when we’re strolling through locations that are crawling with spiders.”

The groomsmen let out more laughs. A few of our guests also took part.

Jason went on and stilled.

“I promise to keep reminding you to stop dragging your feet as you walk, so we can prevent another trip to the ER similar to the one you took when you stumbled over nothing at all. And to sample your hallmark dish, which is scorched lasagna, to the fullest extent possible.

I felt more ashamed the longer Jason talked.

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I scowled at him, praying he would see there was nothing lovely or sentimental in what he had said. But he disregarded me and went on.

Additionally, I’ll put up with your singing in the shower. Even though it sounds like a distressed cat, at least it helps me enjoy good music! And above all, Emily,” he murmured.

“I swear to forgive you for practically pressuring me into saying yes to a marriage proposal after you scattered those bridal magazines throughout the apartment.”

My mouth fell open.I was unsure of how to respond. The groomsmen of Jason were practically giggling at each other.

“Really?” I spoke to him in a whisper.

Jason gave a wink.

The priest said, “It’s time for you to exchange rings now.”

The wedding rings were fastened to a small pillow that Jason’s niece closely gripped as she approached the altar.

I took her rings and said, “Thank you, sweetheart.”

As I held the rings, it occurred to me that I should not have put Jason’s ring on his finger. With the exception of signing the registration book, we were now married.

However, after listening to Jason’s vows, I wasn’t sure if I should stay with him.

Jason pulled my hand and said, “Give me your hand.”

He extended his hand for me to do the same after sliding the ring onto my finger.

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My stomach twisted. My fantasy bubble had suddenly burst. Nothing felt the way it did a few seconds before.

“Jason, you’re free to kiss the bride now.” The clergyman shouted.

Jason put his other hand on the back of my neck and grabbed my waist, drawing me in close to him. He gave me a cold, emotionless kiss.

“How in the world was that?” When would we be doing our pre-reception photos, I questioned Jason.

“Excuse me, what do you mean?” he scowled.

Your vows, I uttered. “They were embarrassing and insensitive.”

“No! It was adorable!” he exclaimed. “I stuck with them for us.”

“You basically said that I’m clumsy and annoying to everyone.” and that I made you marry me against your will.

I waited for an explanation while crossing my arms.

He said, “Oh, come on, Emily.” Everyone was chuckling. It’s not as profound as you’re portraying it. Just get this picture taken and let’s head back to the celebration. I’m going hungry.

My tongue was bit. I lacked the will to fight.

During the reception, Jason really relaxed. He drank too much and consumed too much steak and potatoes to leave anyone feeling nauseous.

I knelt by my mother and murmured, “Mom,” before the formalities started. “I’m not feeling well.”

My mother said, “What do you mean, sweetheart?”

“Jason.” As my uneasiness began to weigh on me, I spoke with a trailing voice. “All those vows were was humiliation.”

My mother remarked, “Maybe it was just nerves, Emily.” “You understand how Jason is at times.”

The emcee soon stood up and started the formalities. Speaking about how we met and his initial thoughts of me, Jason’s brother got up to speak.

“I didn’t anticipate Emily staying!” Holding a bottle of beer, Jackson laughed. “But she seems to know how to handle my brother,” I said.

My husband laughed heartily as he absorbed his brother’s comments, which seemed to go on forever.

It was then time for my father-in-law to give his remarks.

“Gentlemen and ladies, “I would like to address my son and his new spouse, Emily,” he uttered.

I refrained from breathing. Robert and I had always gotten along, and he had always taken good care of me. But up until his vows were made, I had felt the same way about Jason.
I was unsure if I needed to get ready for something from Robert as well.

To be honest with myself, all I wanted to do was get away. I didn’t feel married. I didn’t have many desires. Not even myself felt like me.

I was itching to pull off my bridal gown and slide into my coziest sweats. I was crying within.

“Son, do you know what keeps a marriage successful?” asked Jason. Robert enquired.

“Oh, sweetheart? Draw? Chemistry? Jason stumbled as he said.

This man—who the hell is he? I pondered in my mind.

With a shake of his head, Robert stated, “It’s respect.” It’s important to value your relationship and never make your spouse feel inferior or ashamed. You changed your vows today to be a string of jokes directed at Emily. That was extremely painful in addition to being improper.

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Several of the guests were shaking their heads, as I noticed when I looked around.

“To impart some knowledge to you, Jason,” Robert went on. “I have something embarrassing to tell you about yourself that you might find equally embarrassing.”

How come? Papa! Give up! Jason said as he got to his feet.

Jason continues to use a nightlight for sleep. He claims it’s because he enjoys reading in bed, but we all know the real reason is because he’s terrified of the dark.

The room burst into laughter.

“And let’s not forget about the incident in which Jason attempted to cook for Emily and, unaware that ordinary people do not place metal in microwaves, set off the fire alarm.”

Jason growled, “Just stop it, Dad.”

“Or the occasion when, following a party, he became inebriated and demanded to sleep on my bedroom floor.”

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“Jason, I didn’t disclose these things to make you look bad. but to convey the sensation to you. Making fun of someone else is harsh, not funny. You must be aware of the effects of what you do.

I felt seen at last, so I smiled at Robert.

“I apologize to Emily on behalf of my son. When it comes to being a respectful and loving mate, Jason still has a lot to learn. However, I’m sure he can do better, and I hope you’ll give him the opportunity to show it.

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Jason murmured, “I’m so sorry, Emily,” as he stood next to me. “I realize how ridiculous I was being, but I thought I was being funny.” Give me another opportunity.

“All right,” I replied. “But fixing this will require more than just platitudes.”

I really want to give us another go, but something is still horribly wrong.

How would you respond?

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