Bikers found an ABANDONED DOG holding a plastic BAG in his mouth. When they looked inside they were shocked and RAN immediately for help. Here’s what the dog PROTECTED:

The 58-year-old Paul Skinner went biking with a handful of his friends. As they went along a more remote stretch of road, they saw something strange moving in a ditch beside the road. They made the decision to approach in order to observe more clearly. They noticed a terrified, apparently abandoned dog trying to protect a sack in his mouth as they got closer.

When they opened the bag, though, the men were shocked. There were four dead puppies in the package. It looks like the puppies were born on the same day. The guys immediately called the police because they were so afraid of what they had seen. They were accompanied by personnel from an animal shelter, who took the puppy and named it Carly.

After conducting some research, the authorities came to the conclusion that as soon as Carly gave birth, she and her puppies had been abandoned in that ditch. Even after their owner abandoned them, Carly never left the side of her pups, but it doesn’t seem like she was able to remove them from the tightly sealed plastic bag. All we can hope for is the capture and punishment of Carly’s owner for this heinous deed. He has shown great savagery in his acts. Not only did he abandon the mother and the puppies, but he also put them in a knotted plastic bag to take away their chance at survival. He sentenced them to death.

Carly is a cocker spaniel.

Unfortunately, cases of animal abuse and abandonment are on the rise. More stringent laws and harsher punishments are needed for those who commit these offenses.All we can do is pray that Carly finds a caring home and gets the attention she requires. Despite the heat and scarcity of food and water, she bravely stayed with her babies till the very end.

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