Enchanting Equine: Rare Foal’s Remarkable Facial Markings Stun Onlookers”.

Her uniqueness has been admired by over three million people, and the reason for this is that her beauty had to be captured on camera when she was just two days old in order to be seen by the world.

The pair, who breed horses and operate a ranch called Down Under Colour, took her outside for the first time on camera when she was two years old.

A YouTube description claims that Coconut has extremely rare markings and is also known as a War Horse. This horse, which was highly respected in Native American culture, would be ridden by the chief, also known as the medicine man, a traditional and spiritual leader.

To be considered a War Horse, they have to have a shield on their chest and one blue eye with a liner around it.

This eye is called the Sky Eye in Indian mythology. If the Chief and Medicine Man are killed in battle, this one blue sky eye will carry their spirits to their gods. That clarifies her exceptional qualities. Watch the video below to see Coconut.

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