At 56, Julia Roberts causes stir as she debuts new hairstyle for fans – “not the same person”

With her constantly shifting hairstyles, I think we can all agree that Julia Roberts is no stranger to attracting attention.

The well-known actress has donned several different looks throughout the years, but this most recent change could be the most noticeable. Readers will surely remember last year when Roberts debuted a new “spontaneous” fringe that was met with a great deal of criticism.

The Erin Brockovich actress has now decided to stir things up again, and this time, she’s turning blonde.

Though her fans would likely be more familiar with the actress if they had darker hair, the actress was recently photographed on Instagram posing with freshly colored stunning blonde blocks.

For the aforementioned post, Roberts garnered a great deal of praise, and the public appeared delighted. Images of the celebrity’s new look, however, generated further conflicting reactions on Facebook.

Numerous individuals have called attention to what appear to be flaws in Roberts’ new look, implying that not everyone agreed that going blonde was the right choice.

The comment “Not the same person [sic]” was made.

“That woman is not attractive. Someone else said, “She’s not a bleached blonde.”

“Doesn’t go with her skin color,” wrote a third, and “Red is so much prettier,” was written by a fourth.

Another admirer provided an explanation for Roberts’ decision to tint her hair after conducting additional research.

“She probably chose blonde because she is grey,” they surmised. “A blonde usually hides grays better.”

Roberts said earlier this year in an interview with Vogue that one of her biggest regrets to date is not going to college.

“I couldn’t.” The 56-year-old said, “It wasn’t in my cards,” at the moment.

“My family did not have the money. Furthermore, I was ineligible for a scholarship. That kind of thing.

We think Julia Roberts looks fantastic with her new blonde hair. How do you feel? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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