Dolly Parton and her husband of 57 years live out of the spotlight on a cosy farm

How would you react if you had built an enterprise worth $500 million? Which would you like to spend your money on: a large estate or a more peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?

We are well aware of what the rumored $500 million fortune Dolly Parton would do! According to reports, the well-known country singer spends her days on a tranquil farm with her 57-year-married husband, who, in contrast to his wife, has chosen to stay out of the spotlight.

Keep reading to get a glimpse of their cozy house!

The romantic tale of Dolly Parton and Carl Dean

After exchanging vows in May 1966 in Ringgold, Georgia, Dolly Parton and Carl Dean have been married for over sixty years. Dean chose early in their marriage to keep a low profile and stay out of the spotlight, and the pair opted against starting a family.

Parton has said that the length of their marriage to Dean is due to her husband’s choice to stay out of her professional life. Their relationship formally began when Parton moved to Nashville in 1964 to advance her singing and songwriting career. They met at a laundromat when Parton was 18 and Dean was 22, and they haven’t been apart since.

In an interview with Hollywood Tonight, Parton said that the secret to her and her husband’s good marriage was to ensure that her partner maintained his privacy and wasn’t overexposed to the world of celebrities. She asserted that because Dean had chosen her over her career, she respected his desire to have a more restrained, private life.

With Dean’s little public presence history, many have speculated, rather jokingly, that he never existed. Being in the spotlight “just isn’t who he is,” Parton shot back. He figured that if he ever went outside like that, he would never be able to find any peace since he’s sort of a quiet, reticent man, and he was correct.

Beyond this, the pair is respectful of one another, and Parton has said how much she appreciates that her husband isn’t jealous of her career but rather shows genuine interest in it. She also values his encouragement to pursue her goals. Clearly, they were destined to be together!

Dolly Parton is a farmer at heart.

Parton gave details about her husband’s personal life. Dean is now retired from his paving firm and lives a quiet life on their property. Parton, who has stopped touring with her band, frequently hangs out on the couple’s land, where they spend a lot of time together.

In their tranquil home life, they like taking long naps at clean hotels, seeing Tennessee and Kentucky, and traveling in their RV. These carefree moments they spend together are treasured.

Despite her considerable fortune, Parton values her time with Dean beyond anything else. They celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary with a little country supper at their Nashville home. They had chicken and dumplings prepared by Parton, as well as Dean’s favorite dessert—pecan ice cream.

Parton even gave viewers a glimpse inside her gorgeous house for Reese Witherspoon’s YouTube series, and it’s even more gorgeous than you could have imagined!


Parton and Dean said they wanted to say their vows again in front of their family before their fiftieth anniversary. After that, they planned to go back to where they had spent their first honeymoon.

Parton knows that as she ages, this may not be the case even if she may still do festivals and short weekend engagements. She wants to spend more time with her family, especially Dean, therefore she is content to live their quiet little existence away from the spotlight.

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