Price is Right’ contestant stuns Drew Carey with ‘best Showcase bid in the history of the show’

The price was almost right on Friday’s amazing episode of The Price is Right.

When a contestant made a bid during the Showcase Showdown that was so close to the item’s actual worth, host Drew Carey was shocked and called it the “best Showcase bid in the history of the show.”

Patrice Masse from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada progressed all the way to the Showcase Showdown by playing the game. He placed a $39,500 bid for a prize package that included a vacation to Miami and a new automobile.

When it came time to reveal the actual worth of the prize package, Carey lost all words.

As Masse and the crowd eagerly awaited the conclusion, he began, “So, let me tell ya.”

“Eleven hundred and eighty-one.”

Check out the amazing scene in the video below.

Masse was the one who won the two reward packages because his offer was less than $1.

According to the existing rules, the contestant who comes within $250 without going over wins both showcases. Because of his incredible prediction, Masse was one of the show’s few Double Showcase Winners.

Congratulations, Patrice! What a wonderful triumph. That will surely go down as one of the biggest wins in the history of game shows.

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