20 years together: What the beautiful wife of Christian Bale looks like?

Winona Ryder had no idea that she would marry Sebastian Bale when she hired a model with Serbian ancestry to help her. The actress Sandra Blazic wanted to introduce her friend Christian Bale to what she thought was a great girl.

Кристиан Бейл об отношениях с женой: "Она любит моих киноперсонажей больше, чем меня"

The actor couldn’t stop thinking about her after their meeting and asked her out on a date. After falling in love, they hurried to Las Vegas to get married after two months.

Who is Christian Bale's wife Sandra Sibi Blazic, PHOTOS, info

Even after more than two decades of marriage, they remain a remarkable and devoted pair. They are parents of two children.

Meet Emmeline Bale – Photos of Christian Bale's Daughter with Wife Sibi Blazic

Sandra has worked as Christian’s manager over the years, and each time the actor won an accolade, he would always say that he wouldn’t have been able to achieve his level of accomplishment as an actor without his wife.

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