Men Singing ‘You Raise Me Up’ Will Give You Chills

Any kind of music can benefit from an effective acapella song, whether it’s because the vocalists can hold the listener’s attention or because there aren’t any unnecessary instruments that call attention to the lyrics.

This is particularly true of the acapella performance of Josh Groban’s 2003 hit song “You Raise Me Up” by Brigham Young University (BYU) Vocal Point. They breathe new life into this upbeat song.

Learners In 1991, Dave Boyce and Bob Ahlander started BYU Vocal Point, an acapella group. The quartet became well-known on campus after their debut performance, which was sold out.

Not only did BYU Vocal Point finish fifth in the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off, but since its founding, the group has received additional awards.

When they revealed on social media in December 2018 that they had signed a record deal with the classical label Decca Gold, part of the Universal Music Group, they became even more well-known for their talent.

“We’re just regular college students doing amazing things,” said member Jason Bromley.

The vocal performance in the “You Raise Me Up” music video is powerful.

The gorgeous landscape of mountains and valleys serves as the backdrop for the music video for “You Raise Me Up.”

The tape starts with a single, distinct voice, and a second later, another one harmonizes with it to create a rich, multilayered sound.

In addition to their crisp, bright vocals, the group produces amazing vocal percussion noises.

The vocalists’ performance of the song gets more engrossing as they move through the hilly landscape.

The situation nearly descends into an overly serene condition, demonstrating the ability of music to carry listeners away.

It’s hard to tell who the lead singers are because of how well their harmonies mesh.

They offer a strikingly distinctive interpretation of this much covered song, rather than just copying the original.

The song incorporates their distinct style and arrangement, and the new hook at the end improves the harmonies. An extra student chorus supports the crescendo, resulting in an incredibly potent finale.

You will love BYU Vocal Point’s amazing performance of “You Raise Me Up.” Enjoy this memorable and moving performance while you relax.

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