At 69, Kevin Costner gets re-do to “look younger” after shock divorce, claims insider

It’s typical for one or both partners to make adjustments after a divorce. Maybe some new clothes? A new car altogether? Maybe a new job, a new hairstyle, or a new group of friends to go out and drink with?

My claim is that it’s only natural to make adjustments to your everyday life following something as drastically life-altering and, usually, upsetting as formally divorcing someone you believed you would be in love with forever.

It seems that makeovers following divorce are possible even for superstars. As it happens, if the information on Radar Online is accurate, Kevin Costner is in the thick of one right now.

In summary, the Dancing With Wolves star and Christine Baumgartner called it quits last year after 19 years of marriage. Our coverage of Costner’s personal life and its events in 2023 has been thorough.

All accounts indicate that Costner was surprised by his ex-wife’s choice, even though Christine initiated the divorce. Following an inevitable legal battle, Baumgartner obtained an order directing Costner to send $63,209 in child support on a monthly basis.

It may seem like a lot, but it’s a lot less than the $161,592 that reports claim Christine was seeking.

A few months later, there were other rumors circulating about the 69-year-old Costner, linking him to various women. Given that he became one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors on the day his divorce was finalized, I guess this was to be expected.

There has been a lot of speculation in recent months that he is now dating singer Jewel; the two are rumored to have vacationed together by plane. Jewel herself brought up Kevin in an April interview, deftly characterizing the actor as “a great person.”

In the same interview, she commented, “The public fascination is intense for sure,” in reference to the rumors that linked the two of them.

The world probably won’t learn if Costner is dating anyone again until a formal statement is made, but according to Radar Online, the leading man in Yellowstone has undergone a transformation after parting ways with Christine.

News outlet The Globe was informed by an anonymous source that “he fusses over his hair nonstop and is now getting weaves.” “To look younger, he’s experimenting with other beauty treatments like Botox and spray tans.”

“He used to be a wash-and-go guy, but these days he gets really fixated on his hair and spends hours getting ready,” the insider claimed. His friends tease him about looking like a scarecrow with the bleached fuzz on top of his head, but he doesn’t mind because he thinks it looks amazing.

In fact, Costner flaunted bleached blonde hair and a notably longer hairline when he was pictured at the Cannes Film Festival this month to debut the first film in his new four-part Western serial Horizon: An American serial.

In your opinion, how does Costner seem now? Tell us in the comments area, please.

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