Users stunned by Pamela Anderson’s rustic home that was once her granny’s

Celebrity Canadian-born Pamela Anderson, who over the past 10 years has gone from glam to delightfully ordinary, gave fans a glimpse into her newly constructed rustic house, which is a reflection of her love of the great outdoors.

Currently in her late 50s, the Baywatch sex icon—who was previously well-known for her exploits with her rock star ex-husband—enjoys the rural beauty of Western Canada on the land that her grandparents formerly owned.

Following her return to “her safe place,” fans are ecstatic to see the once-wild lady “living simply,” but they are shocked to learn the modest diva washes her own laundry.

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After years of leading a busy lifestyle, Pamela Anderson, the actress of the popular television show Baywatch, recently underwent a major makeover and reinvented herself as a natural beauty.

In 2023, Anderson, 56, disproved the long-held reputation of her as a sex icon by attending Paris Fashion Week sans makeup.

The stunning model and actor looked stunning on the red carpet in an all-white ensemble that had wide-leg leggings, a cream-colored jacket draped over her shoulders, and a loose-fitting blouse. The outfit was finished with tiny silver stud earrings, and her hair was pulled back into a short ponytail to highlight her inherent beauty.

Anderson claims in an interview with Allure that her look was a fiction about who she truly is.

If my name is taken out of context, it might convey a negative impression. I like to refer to these outfits I wore from Playboy to Baywatch as my “Halloween costumes.” I simply feel like it’s alright now that I’ve found my place of self-acceptance and self-love. “What I’m into today is an intentional choice,” says Anderson.

But there were some changes to her look.

Canadian girl

After being married to rock icons Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and the drummer for Mötley Crüe in the past, Anderson moved back to her home country of Canada a few years ago from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

While there, Anderson—a vegan and PETA representative—renovated the charming seaside cottage on Vancouver Island that she had purchased from her grandparents more than thirty years before.

“It celebrates the magic of scenic settings where nature always has a proud seat at the table,” writes Anderson on Instagram.

This six-acre home, which sits on the strait separating the island from the mainland of British Columbia, is where she spent her formative years.

One of the nine wooden huts her grandpa had constructed on the land many years ago belonged to her parents; the other eight had been demolished.

“Castle of the Mermaid”

Anderson, who portrayed the Tool Time Girl in the comedy Home Improvement in the 1990s, had high standards for the rustic and “sexy” repairs she wanted to make to her own home: “I’m craving something wild, sensual, and insane! I am a mermaid, and here is my mermaid castle.

The property has undergone a “cheap and cheerful makeover,” resulting in sweeping gardens and a barn, which are indicative of her love of the great outdoors and carefree attitude.

With a pavilion added on the old pier, the actor was able to dine al fresco while taking in views of the shimmering lake. Today, the boathouse serves as a lakeside home.

“Life is laundry.”

While renovations were being done, Anderson moved into The Roadhouse, a former little shop used by guests staying in the holiday cottages.

The lady, who says that doing laundry is her “happy place” and “life,” was made to choose setting up a laundry room above continuing her “self-care ritual.”

Anderson declares, “It has to be done, might as well make it fun,” in an Instagram promotional video. I view it as an opportunity to sort of withdraw and take some alone time. It is reflective.

Fans had a lot to say when Anderson revealed their true feelings: “I thought I was the only one who enjoyed to wash laundry! Hanging the sheets on the line is paradise on a bright sunny day when you hop in bed!

In reaction to the video of her looking almost angelic in all white, another writes: “She is one of the very few ladies that makes me feel at ease when perusing social media.I love her fashion sense.

“A lovely soul”

Based on comments posted on her social media sites, it appears that fans adore her even more now than they did when she debuted on television almost 35 years ago.

“At fifty-three, I still feel like the woman we all wanted me to be at twenty-five.” “GORGEOUS soul,” an admirer declares.

“You’re quite beautiful! “I admire you for bringing your innate beauty and self-love to the mainstream and showcasing them,” adds another.

A third remarks about Anderson’s property and adds, “Good for her.” Right there, with granny. Is there love for you to experience?

Another remarks, “Beautiful…She deserves to be happy in every way.She went back home to her safe sanctuary.

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