Lisa Rinna, 60, recently switched up her signature hairstyle and everyone is saying the same thing

After wearing a distinctive look for too long, there are moments when you just want to change things up a bit. That is not at all problematic.

The “mixie” is a long-lasting haircut that Lisa Rinna has worn for many years. It resembles a pixie cut but is longer in the back. But the actress from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just debuted a startling new look.

The former reality star made her digital magazine debut in the spring/summer 2024 edition of Only Natural Diamonds.

The 60-year-old donned several different hairstyles during the photo session, but this one captured the interest of the majority of viewers.

“As an actor, I relish assuming characters. Only Natural Diamonds, Rinna remarked, “I started experimenting with fashion and wearing wigs after eight years on a reality show, which led to doing regular photo shoots.”

“I have no trouble moving outside of my comfort zone. If it startsles people, that’s great. I like to surprise people. It gives me pleasure to hear comments like “Oh my God, look what she did now.”

And Rinna’s admirers were definitely taken aback by her new look.

She is desperate for attention, almost like a Madonna. It feels uncomfortable.

There’s nothing to be gained from that hair! It seems like it was painted on.

“You really don’t look good! I’m sorry!

Did you also need help with your hair for this? What’s wrong with you, really?

What are your thoughts on Lisa Rinna’s most recent buzzcut? Should she continue to wear her mixie or make this her signature style?

Tell us in the section that follows!

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