Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s kids make first public appearance

Viewers were shocked to see how closely Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s children resembled their parents as they made their first public appearance!

With their two children, Wyatt, 9, and Dimitri, 7, the well-known couple made an unusual public appearance on Friday, May 24. They were in Los Angeles for a game where the Indiana Fever was defeating the Los Angeles Sparks.

Kutcher, 45, and Kunis, 40, were spotted courtside with their daughter and son, grinning broadly. Following her team’s victory, 78-73, at L.A.’s Crypto Arena, they attended the game and met rookie Caitlin Clark of the Fever.

One of Kutcher’s biggest fans, he showed his support by wearing a baseball cap from the University of Iowa, where the two men studied. Furthermore, Dimitri showed his support for Clark’s collegiate squad by wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes hoodie with pride. Throughout the match, Kutcher was observed giving Clark high fives as she dashed by him.

The family also had the opportunity to meet Clark after the game; the Indiana Fever posted a video of this occurrence on X, the former name for Twitter. The WNBA player approaches Kutcher, Kunis, and their kids on the edge of the floor in the cute video. Dimitri cheered as the That ’70s Show actor walked up to embrace Clark, and Wyatt grabbed her mouth in disbelief. Following that, Clark hugged, high-fived, and posed for photos with the children.

The Indiana Fever captioned the video, saying, “After our win in Los Angeles, Caitlin Clark met up with Ashton Kutcher.”

On X, there was another touching film that seems to have been taken not too long after Wyatt and Clark became together. In it, the small youngster was shown standing on the court with Kunis holding her tight while she wept with joy.

Wyatt, nine, was seen smiling as Kunis wiped away his tears with gentle pats and said, “That’s very cool!”

Kutcher and Kunis, who tied the knot in 2015, typically don’t discuss their private lives. Still, they went above and beyond to cheer on their favorite athlete on this specific occasion.

As a fellow Iowan, Kutcher has continuously supported Clark during her rise in the WNBA, both at games and on social media. The 22-year-old phenom has already had an amazing career, being chosen as the NCAA National star of the Year and the WNBA’s overall No. 1 draft pick this year.

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