Daughter Feels Embarrassed by Her Impoverished Mother and Avoids Being Seen with Her – Today’s Highlight

Marissa was embarrassed by her mother’s mostly shabby attire and was reluctant to introduce her to her girlfriends. However, she gained invaluable knowledge from a kind stranger that she would always remember.

Marissa was raised by her mother Esme after her father abandoned the family, and they never had a lot of money to spend. Esme worked harder than anyone to provide for her kid, but she eventually had to give up a lot.

Unfortunately, because her closest friends were so focused on fashion and social standing, Marissa lied to them about her family in the hopes that they would never learn the truth or get the chance to meet her mother. Marissa’s mother was the only one wearing nice clothes because she was a frequent shopper at thrift stores.

Esme never gave herself gifts. She dressed modestly, and despite her really worn-out shoes, she refused to part with them. Although Marissa cherished her mother, she was self-conscious about the way she looked. But one day their lives would be different.

“Hi Mom.” I’m heading to the mall to meet up with a few buddies. Marissa told Esme one afternoon, “I’ll be back later.”

“Oh! How about if I go with you? It’s been a while since I’ve been to the mall,” she said.

You hate going to shopping malls, though. “You always say everything is overpriced and we shouldn’t buy stuff there,” Marissa remarked, hoping her mother would change her mind.

Well, we don’t need to buy clothes to have a good time. Additionally, I’d like to meet your friends. How do you feel? Esme continued.

Marissa whispered, “I think… When it came to declining her mother, she ran out of words. But this trip was something she was dreading. When they got to the mall, she discovered Rosie and Danielle waiting at Starbucks as scheduled.

Her mother was running to catch up with them, trailing her by a few feet. “Hey, ladies,” Marissa exclaimed.

“Hi!” You are in this location. “Let’s go check out some clothes at this store right here,” Rosie offered.

Did you, well, bring that woman along? “She’s looking at us,” Danielle said unexpectedly.

Not at all. I’m not sure who that is. After pausing momentarily, Marissa said, “I came here alone.” After she saw her mother lose her face and freeze in position, there was no going back. “Let’s just take a stroll around first.”

Esme stayed in shock as the girls started to leave. In front of her friends, her own daughter claimed not to know her. Why would she act in this way? Esme didn’t know what to do until a well-dressed woman approached her.

“Hello, ma’am. I’m Poppy,” the female uttered.

Esme said, “Hello.”

I’m sorry to bother you, but I saw what happened to those girls. I take it that one is your daughter? Poppy pointed to Marissa and inquired.

Indeed, precisely. Though she’s my kid, I don’t get it. “It’s unbelievable that she said she didn’t know me and left like that,” Esme continued.

What if we went into this store and pretended to be girlfriends? Poppy suggested.

“Oh, I’m sorry. “I can’t afford any of the clothes in here,” Esme retorted, “but I can still come with you.”

“Avoid stressing about finances at this time. Poppy comforted her, “I got this.” Unaware of the reason for the stranger’s generosity, Esme trailed behind this gracious individual. It was a nice distraction, though, after her daughter publicly rejected her.

After trying on several dresses, Poppy convinced her that one of them was quite attractive. “I’m definitely buying that one for you,” Poppy stated to Esme.

Oh no. I could not possibly accept that. It’s really expensive,” retorted Esme.

“I’m not going to listen to it. I’m buying it; everything is final. Poppy told the salesman helping them, “We’ll also have to exchange these slippers for a gorgeous pair of shoes.” Esme had never worn anything so formal, but she found a well-fitting pair of stilettos.

Poppy invited Esme to coffee after she had left the store with her new dress. Esme said, “May I ask you a question?” “What inspires you to show such kindness and generosity toward a stranger?”

“Well, I was once in your daughter’s position,” Poppy remarked. My parents and I didn’t have a lot of money. They never had fancy clothes, but they made an effort to look after me. They embarrassed me as well. Sadly, I lost them in an accident just after I received my high school diploma.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” was Esme’s response.

“I’m appreciative. That was the hardest period of my life. However, their lawyer then called me. I learned that, over the course of my life, my parents had barely made ends meet in order to pay for my college education,” Poppy continued. “They saved even more than I had to.”

That’s what I’m trying to achieve as well. Saving for Marissa’s future hasn’t been any simpler, despite the present economic crisis. Esme revealed.

Yes, it is correct. I could never make up for all the times I felt bad about them, in the end. “I saw myself in your daughter earlier, and for many years I felt so much remorse,” Poppy added.I beseech heaven to forgive me for my actions toward you, my parents.

“I’m sure they forgave you many years ago when you realized what you did wrong,” Esme reassured Poppy. Marissa entered the coffee cafe and immediately saw her in the new clothing.

“Mom! Where did you buy that clothing? And those shoes? Marissa asked as she walked up with her pals.

Mom? “Young lady, I’m not your mother,” stated Esme. Poppy smiled at Marissa’s shocked appearance, and Esme burst out laughing.

I sorry about earlier. “Guys, this is my mom, Esme, and her friend,” Marissa said, noting that they were both laughing. After seated the young girls, Poppy told them about the day’s events, including why she had bought these clothes for Esme. Without a question, Marissa learned a very valuable lesson that day.

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