Violinist’s school bully asks her to play at wedding — she has perfect response

Her former bully, who had tormented her mercilessly in middle school because she loved music, made her the astonishing offer to perform at her wedding. without cost!

Tiffany Moore posted screenshots of the request on social media, exposing its absurdity. Get to know what happened by reading on!

The prior bully’s message began, “Hey girl!!!” It feels like a long time ago. I would adore it if you could play the violin at my October wedding. Not only are they the perfect gift, but you can use the pictures and videos to add more work to your performance portfolio. Win-win!

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Tiffany didn’t need help, though, because her resume emphasizes her extensive experience with the violin, cello, viola, piano, guitar, voice coaching, music theory, and songwriting. She even asserted that The Knot, an online marketplace that connects engaged couples with local wedding professionals, had given her numerous awards.

Tiffany provided a direct and prompt response. Hello there. 1. To believe that I would provide you a $2,500 service is really bold of you. 2. You tortured me endlessly because I was in [the] symphony in middle school. 3. Put together my portfolio? “You might not be aware that I’ve received recognition from The Knot and Wedding Wire for six consecutive years,” shot back the Chicago violinist. My “portfolio” begins around age twelve. I’ve worked in the wedding industry for 19 years.

Tiffany’s response did not sit well with the soon-to-be bride, who called her services “overpriced” and asked for a special discount in order to “help a girl out.” “I really want violin music for my big day; it’s not difficult music.” “I want to be friends with you and let the past go,” she murmured.

Tiffany declined the offer, refusing to accept the unanticipated change of heart. “Thanks, I have friends already. “I don’t have time to indulge your ignorance,” she shot back.My offerings fall under the category of luxury services. Clients would much rather spend money on professional entertainment for their wedding day, provided by a seasoned artist with outstanding skills, first-rate tools and equipment, and experience in making weddings run smoothly. That’s why people choose me, my darling.

Unexpectedly, the bride persisted, asking, “So, are you available on October 3rd? It’s Thursday. That’s all I have to pay you, which is $1,000, and it’s not too awful for less than an hour of play! Plus, since 300 people are on my guest list, you’ll get a ton of publicity!

Tiffany alludes to the popular film Mean Girls, which centers on bullies in high school. In the film, Lindsay Lohan’s character states, “It’s October 3rd,” as she asks her crush, Aaron Samuels, out on a date. In response, Aaron Samuels says, “WAIT! My former bully is getting married on Mean Girls Day? This is over the top.

She said, “I have to turn down your $1,000 offer and decline to work for ‘exposure.'” I can provide music for your 300 guests if you charge them $5 for entertainment. It’s obvious that the response is negative even if you acknowledge that the entertainment suggestion is a joke. It was once said by Phoebe Buffay, “I wish I could, but I don’t want to.”

The bride’s tone darkened considerably. “Who the hell is the mean chick these days, b**ch? Go complain that you’re too avaricious and can’t afford your bills. “Besides, you suck and you’re not even worth it,” she yelled.

Tiffany answered calmly and collectedly. “Aww, I’m so sad,” she said in jest. “But I’m out of tissues. I’ll have to wipe my tears with the gratuity my clients gave me this weekend.”

Social media users quickly noticed the conversation and commended Tiffany for standing up for her rights. After seeing the screenshots online, the bully had threatened to file a lawsuit, according to Tiffany’s update. However, Tiffany clarified that since she had omitted the woman’s name from the tweets, she was not worried about facing any legal consequences.

“It’s obvious that 7 million of you are concerned about the bullying situation,” Tiffany stated on her Instagram stories. “Thank you for your kind remarks and your encouragement. We all feel more powerful when someone challenges a bully. One individual said, “As someone who was bullied as well, this feels like a win for all of us.”

What did you think of this ridiculous situation? How would you have responded? Tell us what you think!

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