WATCH : This Unusual Dance Routine by Two Girls Had the Entire Crowd On Their Feet from the Moment They Turned Around!

It would be a mistake to undervalue the captivating power of this dancing performance at first.

Irish dances, such as clogging, are typified by their intricate footwork and minimal upper body movement, and are typically rather beautiful.

But the routine in this video adds a fresh and exciting twist to the traditional method.

Highlight of the 2013 Clogging Champions of America – Showdown of Champions in Knoxville, Tennessee, was this thrilling clogging duet by Madison and Morgan. They deviate from the traditional Irish music usually associated with clogging with their performance, which is set to the upbeat Keith Urban song “Hit the Ground Runnin’.”

Stereotypes are broken right away by Madison and Morgan, who are dressed in white slacks, clog shoes, and plaid shirts.

As the two walk onto the stage with their backs to the audience, the crowd erupts with enthusiasm, setting the stage for an exciting performance.

As soon as the music begins, you can sense the energy building as Madison and Morgan spin around briskly, grinning broadly. Their graceful spins, hand-holding, and well-coordinated footwork propel the pair into motion.

Throughout the dance, the girls incorporate traditional clogging skills with a modern twist, such as stage circles, high kicks, and an incredible high jump. Their dance is perfectly timed and executed, down to the last detail.

By including upper body arm and hand movements that give the performance a dynamic, enjoyable vibe, Madison and Morgan give the classic dance style a modern spin. Combining elements of the ancient and modern creates an engaging performance that enthralls spectators.

The delicate footwork and seamless transitions stunned viewers, who voiced their shock in large numbers in the comments section. While some praised the enthusiasm of clogging, others got into a furious debate about what category to put it in.

One reviewer emphasized the rich cultural history of clogging and how it evolved into a modern Irish-American dancing style, despite opposing viewpoints. Another validated the validity of the routine by identifying the traditional steps combined with contemporary elements and utilizing their own experience instructing clogging.

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