My Father-in-Law Humiliated a Waiter, but Karma Struck When He Least Expected It

Despite the possibility of sounding overly dramatic, I have always believed in karma. It reminds me of the proverb “what goes around, comes around.” However, I never thought it would occur the way it did or as soon as it did, during a dinner with Benjamin, my father-in-law (FIL).

This man, bless his heart, lives on the theory that the entire universe, in all its cosmic grandeur, revolves around him and is eventually designed to fulfill all of his wants. Karma decided to force him to face the reality on this particular day.

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To give you an example, consider this: Linda, my husband Sam, and I went to supper with Benjamin to a local restaurant that Benjamin swore was the “best in the state.” He’s the kind of man who orders four burgers, fries, the whole thing, as if he’s prepared for a food crisis!

Our kind server returned to the kitchen after bringing us our meal and leaving. My FIL had no idea that this would be the start of a legendary tale of instant karma.

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Benjamin erupted like a volcano as soon as the returning waiter saw there was a “missing” burger, and we watched in dismay as his face was filled with rage and dismay. My order was four burgers. He cried out, attracting unwanted attention from across the table, “Why are there only three?!”

He received a very kind reassurance from the ever-patient server: “I made sure I put them all in the bag, sir.”

“Are you visually impaired? There are only three left. His patronising voice came over the din of diners in the restaurant.

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My spouse knew his father would just walk off in a fake anger and create more of a disturbance, so I was about to stand up in support of this poor woman who was just trying to go about her business. He took a gentle hold of my hand and asked me to be silent, sensing that I couldn’t stand to witness anyone treated unfairly.

Sam always has the best instincts, especially when it comes to his father, so I pulled back and sat back to watch the show.

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Acknowledging that Benjamin was among those unreasonable patrons who insisted on being correct all the time, the waiter apologized. I apologize, Sir,” she said. “I’ll get you another one,” she replied, but it was clear from her tone that she had brought all four.

While the innocent woman went to get my avaricious FIL a fifth burger, we sat there and stared at him with scorn, but we didn’t say anything to avoid making things worse. The waiter’s idea seemed to satisfy Benjamin momentarily, as a dark cloud of a sneer spread across his face.

He was completely unaware that he was going to receive an enormous dose of humility from the universe!

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After a while the smugness turned to pure horror when we got home. My FIL’s face turned as pale as a sheet when he realized his wallet was gone! His mind kept returning to the restaurant as he wildly glanced about, exacerbating the tension.

My spouse and I were encircled by silent thoughts with knowing looks.

Oddly enough, the same waiter responded when my FIL called the establishment in a desperate attempt to get help! Her statement that she had located his wallet was so calm that you could really feel it! But there was a big twist to the story that he hadn’t expected.

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The waiter informed him of the peculiar policy of the restaurant—one that my FIL had always made fun of on the walls and menus—which said that any misplaced things that were not claimed within an hour would be donated to a good cause!

The realization struck him like a freight train! As soon as he hung up, he told us, “I think they gave away all my money, we need to go back.” When I watched him in such anguish and terror, to be honest, I felt like justice had been served, but that was only the beginning!

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We came upon the height of irony when we hurried back to the restaurant. The waiter brought him an envelope from the foundation and congratulated him for his “kind donation” with a triumphant smile on his face. He then gave him a “free beverage.”

There were receipts inside, proving that several homeless people had their dinners purchased that evening with the money in his wallet!

Silence descended around him, as a rare moment of humility replaced the traditional pomp and bustle. My spouse used this opportunity to politely bring up his father’s behavior, which started a sincere conversation about thankfulness, respect, and the consequences of our deeds.

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When we reached the safety of the car, he reminded him, “Dad, you know what you did to that waiter was wrong, and that’s probably why you forgot your wallet at the restaurant.” “You always think there won’t be any repercussions for anything you do,” Sam remarked.

He said, “You know that’s part of the reason why Mom isn’t with us today,” tears welling up in his eyes.

My spouse was talking about how Benjamin came to live with us when his wife, Sam’s mother, filed for divorce and seized everything. Diana was a kind and kind woman who would have given anything to Benjamin, but my FIL cheated on her on multiple occasions.

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She shared a folder and video of years of private investigations she’d done on her husband to show his guilt when she finally grew tired of his entitlement and took him to court. She had been aware of his adultery during their marriage, but she had only once or twice confronted him, at which point he arrogantly revealed to her:

“I don’t have to answer to you; I’m the man in this house!”

But when she filed for divorce and won everything, he undoubtedly “answered” to her before she sold everything and moved abroad. She only spoke with Sam and me through texting and occasionally video calls.

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For everyone involved, especially my FIL who had never admitted to confronting the personal and direct repercussions of his entitlement, it was a terrible but therapeutic event. Not only did Sam’s passionate argument with my FIL but also the episode at the restaurant signal a turning point for our family as a whole.

The man who had earlier personified entitlement and arrogance learned a clear and profound lesson from karma, which inspired him to make a change. He started a volunteer adventure and made friends with the homeless individuals who had profited from his death, whom he had previously ignored.

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Once contentious gatherings, our family dinners have evolved into times of deep discussion and laughter. My FIL, who had previously been a cause of conflict, now serves as an example of the transforming power of empathy and kindness.

Here it is, then: A tale of how a lost wallet and a “missing” hamburger imparted to us all the priceless lesson that no kindness, no matter how tiny, is unappreciated by the cosmos. In its most poetic form, karma served as a reminder that genuine fulfillment can only be reached through humility and compassion. It was also a lesson that my FIL learned just in time.

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While Linda’s account of how karma eventually made her FIL understand, illustrates how sometimes it takes time for people to receive the lesson, this other story will make you stop before you make a foolish decision that you’ll later come to regret.

Sarah’s Narrative of Her Dad’s Bad Karma Will Cause You to Second Guess Yourself Before Reacting
In a well-known story of dinner drama transformed into a karma jackpot, John, a Reddit member, describes going out to eat with his then-fiance, Sarah, and her unimpressive father. Imagine our marriage, a little restaurant, and the father who has a habit of choosing his new family over Sarah.

A man having a meal at a restaurant | Source: Freepik

When Sarah asks for a to-go box for her leftovers, Dad offers to pay the bill as the evening draws to a close. At first, this seems like a kind gesture, but then dad makes a snide comment about wasted fridge space. John enters as always the dazzling hero.

Hey, don’t worry about your fridge, just leave her alone.

But my goodness, that pisses Dad off! With a dramatic “FINE!” he storms out, tossing the bill at John in a tantrum. Sarah is irritated with John for stirring things up and feels trapped in the midst. This is when the universe chooses to add some spice to the situation.

The waiter informs them that they are in the middle of a “every bill’s a winner” contest while they wait for the bill, tensions running high and Dad watching from outside. Normally, the queue is an appetizer or free drink, but not this evening. John and Sarah won a vacation for four to sunny Florida tonight, all thanks to karma’s decision that Dad’s leaving was the ideal time for a big prize win!

Our pair so discovers that, on occasion, sticking up for those you love can not only strengthen your bond but also possibly win you a trip. Regarding Dad, let’s hope he’s gained some insight into kindness and that, just perhaps, he will receive a postcard from Florida.

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