Flight Attendant Delivers Perfect Comeback to Haughty Passenger

Maintaining a professional image while managing disgruntled or difficult clients is a common challenge for the airline industry. Sometimes the ensuing discussions are worth sharing because they are too fascinating to ignore.

An interesting incident happened while traveling when a male flight attendant handled a pushy, wealthy passenger. An interaction that will make anyone smile happened next.

During a flight, a particularly haughty woman defied the cabin crew’s instructions to prepare for landing, especially by declining to elevate her tray table. The woman responded arrogantly to a polite request from the flight attendant.

The flight attendant, who was well-known for his flamboyant and engaging demeanor, made the other passengers feel more at ease with his unique approach. His approach was both quite dramatic and very successful.

“Loving people, if you could kindly adjust your trays, it would be wonderful because Captain Marvey is about to land the big scary plane soon,” he said in an elegant statement as the aircraft dropped.

And the woman would not move, even in response to his pleasant announcement. When he returned to remind her, he joked, “Maybe the sound of the engines drowned out my previous announcement, but it’s time to secure your tray so our pilot can smoothly bring us to earth.”

The woman shot out, dismissively, “I don’t take orders from anyone; I am addressed as a Princess in my country.”

“Well, I’m known as a Queen in my realm and I definitely outrank you,” fired back the ever-witty attendant. Please pick up this tray.

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