Julia Roberts: Embracing her well-deserved vacation

However much time passes after the debut of the iconic movie that captured the hearts of millions of people, Julia Roberts will always be the Pretty Woman we all fall in love with.

In spite of what some people might think of her looks, the actress, 56, nevertheless looks young. She is all for natural aging to begin with and accepts her appearance.

The beloved Hollywood icon has just been spotted enjoying a well-earned vacation.

We can’t help but believe that Roberts embodies the saying “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes,” even if many have pointed out that she has gained a few pounds.

Roberts’ willingness to wear a bikini in spite of her excess weight is one of the main reasons we all like her.

Naturally, people’s thoughts on Robert’s most recent photos differ. While some argue that she has changed, others believe that she still looks fantastic for her age—or really, any age.

Her supporters are unwavering and serve as a reminder that inner beauty may coexist with outer beauty on occasion.

For the previous 20 years, Roberts and Daniel Moder have enjoyed a happy marriage. When Moder and Vera Steimberg met on the set of The Mexican in 2000, Moder was already married. There were speculations that the Runaway Bride actress was the reason behind Moder and Steimberg’s divorce, despite her insistence to the contrary.

Before she wed Moder, with whom she had three kids: twins Phinnaeus and Hazel and a boy called Henry, Roberts was romantically involved with Dylan McDermott, Matthew Perry, Jason Patric, and Liam Neeson. Her brief engagement to actor Kiefer Sutherland terminated a few days before their scheduled wedding.

Roberts then married country music performer Lyle Lovett. They were married for two years, from 1993 to 1995. It was reported that Roberts and Moder met when she was dating actor Benjamin Bratt.

Since the beginning, the couple’s love has remained the same.

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