Dad Gets Massively Shamed for Putting Leashes on His 5-Year-Old Quintuplets

Raising children these days can be difficult in and of itself. Young parents have to put up with random comments about their parenting methods from strangers on the internet in addition to the criticisms of their family members.

Jordan Driskell is a young father of five quintuplets. His quintuplets are five years old, by coincidence. Raising five children of the same age may be very challenging, as you can understand. especially when a five-year-old child is naturally curious and likes to explore.

Father Jordan Driskell, 31, decided to solve his problem in a unique way. Dad bought child-sized leashes to help him control his rowdy little ones when they are out in public.

Driskell’s huge family previously used a stroller with six seats. But that quickly grew tiresome because the kids would be disturbed when inside. Additionally, it was really challenging to move the stroller about.

This keeps the little ones safe when the family goes outside by allowing them to stroll and explore their surroundings without their dad losing sight of them or control!

Parents came under heavy fire after Driskell posted a video of the family’s aquarium excursion. The video of the kids wearing leashes became popular, receiving over 3 million views. Many others said that since the children weren’t animals, they shouldn’t have been on a leash.

One person commented, “If you can’t handle the pressure, don’t have so many kids.”

“Can’t you just properly train your children?” some mockingly said. Discuss with them the perils of escaping.

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a specialist in adolescent development and parenting, had a different opinion. She doesn’t think that putting your child on a leash will make them into an animal. If remaining at home is your only option, then obviously walking your dog on a leash is a far better option!

A leash is a great tool for managing younger children or children with neurodiversity in public places, says Dr. Gilboa. However, she did note that it might be problematic if a neurotypical youngster does not have listening skills by the time they are eight or nine years old and is not walking freely.

By then, parents should be able to communicate verbally with their children instead of relying on tools like leashes.

Parents should be free to parent as best suits them, without unjustified judgment from society.

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