Heartwarming: man comforts frightened 96-year-old

When the 96-year-old grandma confided in her fear of flying, the “flight angel” who was sat next to her offered support.

Sitting across the aisle, passenger Megan Ashley witnessed the incident and uploaded a video on Facebook. She observed 96-year-old woman who hadn’t flown in 15 years while on Southwest from San Diego (SAN) to Nashville (BNA).

The old woman asked to hold her seatmate’s hand till takeoff and offered him a firm hug when the plane began to bump. The unidentified gentleman showed kindness and generosity both during and after the journey. Ashely clarified what he had done:

More specifically, this stranger who was there for her calmed her down by talking to her, holding her hand voluntarily, allowing her to cling to him, and explaining all that was happening. He knew precisely how to help the entire flight. He helped her up so she could use the restroom and watched her walk carefully down the aisle.I couldn’t help but smile the whole way while he comforted her. He was her angel of flight. He helped her from the plane, into the wheelchair, holding her suitcase, and remaining with her until she located her daughter, who had gotten lost. She gave her sister a call.What a sweet gesture. I hope to be in a position to help others in a similar way one day.

I began the day with two motivational stories to demonstrate that not all news is bad. There are several stories of passengers and flight attendants showing love and compassion to each inebriated flight attendant or disruptive passenger. My day is getting better in part because of these heartwarming stories. I hope your day goes well too!

If you were moved by this moving tale, please tell others about it. Together, let’s strive to spread a little more kindness.

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