Fans Outraged After ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Refuses To Give Prize To Woman Who Answered Correctly

Please be aware that this story is being reprinted after originally appearing in January 2024.

Enraged “Wheel of Fortune” viewers are demonstrating because they think contestant Megan was unfairly denied $40,000 for what could have been the right answer.

Megan, a married choir director at a California high school, was faced with a bonus challenge that required her to figure out two words that fit the description of a “living thing.”

When Megan was guided to the puzzle board by host Pat Sajak while the wheel was spinning, the partial sentence “_ N’R _ _ _” became apparent.

Megan carefully selected the letters to write “P_N_’ RC _ D” on the board.

Megan revealed her guess in the last ten seconds, which was either “Pink Orchid” or possibly “Something Orchid.” As soon as the timer chimed and the correct letters appeared on the monitor, Megan loudly expressed her dissatisfaction at the correct response, “Pink Orchid.”

Sajak took out the prize estimate card, suspecting Megan might be right, and gave her a healthy $40,000—much more than the $14,007 she actually earned.

Observing from the comfort of their living rooms, fans were inconsolable with Megan’s response, which they saw to be unfairly wrong, and many took their frustrations out on Wheel of Fortune.

“The woman got screwed on the #WheelOfFortune bonus puzzle tonight; she totally said ‘PINK ORCHID’ right at the start,” one viewer grumbled.

As soon as she said that, I asked the judges questions! I have partial hearing in one ear and am deaf in the other, therefore I lip read and use subtitles. “Pink Orchid,” as she called me, without a doubt,” retorted one of her admirers.

“I’m blowing up!” She said, “Pink orchid,” understanding! “WTF?” exclaimed a third person.

Hello, @Fortune Wheel I heard the rival say “pink orchid” at the start of the problem, so I unwound the last one. A displeased spectator said, “You owe her some $$$.”

Okay, @WheelofFortune. If you rewind back tonight’s show to figure out the last riddle from the most recent showing, you might be able to clearly hear her say “pink orchid.” You did not give the winner proper recognition. Now play it again. That’s what she actually said! bright orchid.

In the wake of the scandal, Wheel of Fortune viewers have been criticizing the show more and more for what seem to be mistakes, such a recent debate over a rhyme during an Express round. When the show seemed to fumble over a response in the “Rhyme Time” category on January 22, the audience erupted.

The current comedy was stumping two of the contenders, but Jill, the third one, figured it out by guessing two “y’s,” which resulted in the rhyme “Absolutely Positively.”

The decision was strongly contested by supporters, who maintained that “Absolutely Positively” is not a rhyme.

“Hello, @WheelofFortune,” wrote one of the watchers. Could you please explain the rhyme between these two words? Since they most certainly don’t.

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