Baby called ‘hideous’ is a gorgeous grown-up little girl now

On May 6, 2018, Angelica was born, and she was stunning. She had beautiful eyes, a charming button nose, and a heart-shaped stain from port wine on her face.

While majority of her friends and relatives embrace Angelica’s birthmark, her mother Marianna Bowering claimed that some people still feel compelled to make comments about her daughter’s appearance.

“The question about whether her face had been forced onto a skillet was the worst internet remark I’ve ever seen. In essence, expressing that her face appeared broiled,” Bowering clarified.

Sadly, Angelica was asleep for the night when I first applied this makeup look to make her look as stunning as she is today.

Marianna disclosed that her daughter experienced cruel comments, calling her “hideous” and a “defect”. The harshness and callousness of those remarks only exacerbated the difficulties this family was already facing, but their fortitude and will to persevere through them finally produced an amazing metamorphosis.

Bowering is making every effort to ensure that Angelica grows up understanding that she is lovely in her own unique beauty, despite the hurtful remarks.

The 27-year-old mother recently made the decision to apply makeup and draw a replica of her 5-year-old daughter’s birthmark on her own face.

“The inspiration came from the vascular birthmark awareness day, where people are encouraged to draw a heart on their cheeks,” Bowering remarked.”At first, I only applied my makeup in a heart shape, but then I thought, Why not go all out and apply Angelica’s port wine stain?”

My goal was to be as gorgeous as my kid, so I applied makeup to make her look flawless! She still has more beauty.Marianna Bowering shared this on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

When some people said that her daughter’s face spots will go away with time and others said that Angelica could just cover them up with makeup if she so desired, Marianna became quite upset.

The mother, who wondered why her daughter should have to hide her innate beauty rather than embrace it, was even more hurt and frustrated by these comments.

It was a painful reminder of the difficult circumstances experienced by those who don’t meet socially acceptable standards of beauty, but it also emphasized how important it is to love and accept everyone for who they are, regardless of how they seem.

From the start, Bowering and her spouse didn’t think they should feel guilty about their daughter’s birthmark. They thus make a concerted effort to ensure that they understand why it’s a cause for celebration.

Before the corresponding “birthmark,” Bowering added glitter to Angelica’s port wine stain to “make it shine.”

While Bowering told TODAY that Angelica is healthy, children with port wine stains on their faces are susceptible to other health issues.

Thankfully, examinations have shown that Angelica is completely healthy, according to Bowering. “We simply need to schedule routine examinations, with glaucoma being a potential concern, particularly for her eyes.”

You are really very gorgeous, Angelica. Never listen to anyone who says otherwise.

Marianna, I appreciate you being such a great mother and always demonstrating to your kid that her birthmark is perfectly acceptable.

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