This woman gave up her organ for her well-known husband; after 17 years of marriage, they got divorced because of his infidelity.

The woman and her well-known comic husband divorced after she gave up an organ for him. The couple not only had to deal with a potentially fatal situation and health issues, but also had a daughter. Despite the fact that she saved his life, their marriage ultimately ended.

Ann Serrano was married to actor George Lopez, who needed a kidney transplant in 2005 due to renal failure. George Lopez wanted to keep his health problem a secret from his daughter Mayan Lopez due to his reputation, according to his book, “George Lopez: Latino King of Comedy.”

In 2005, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center mistakenly accepted George and his spouse, Ann. Even though George had a kidney disease when he was admitted, Ann was optimistic about his prognosis, but George worried about their daughter’s future.

After 17 years of marriage, George and Ann Lopez split in 2010. After George confessed to having cheated on Ann during their marriage, the pair came under fire for divorcing. In a CNN interview, George said he deserved the criticism since he and Ann appeared like the ideal pair. In a TikTok video, Ann revealed George’s role in their split. George later appeared on “The View” in January 2023 to discuss his real-life family conflict, “Lopez vs. Lopez.” Though he was reluctant to discuss his personal life, he admitted that he had to take responsibility for the breakdown of his family. George and Ann went to therapy together in order to talk about their issues. After their split, the ex-spouses remain close and amicable with one another.

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