Am I a Bad Mother for Kicking My Pregnant Daughter Out?

I’m not even sure where to begin because I’m so engrossed in the twists and turns of my story! I thought my daughter was on the proper track for college when she told me she was expecting! After I caved in to that monkey in the works, my child did something so horrible that it forced my hand!

Hi to everyone here. My daughter Rose turns 19 this year, and my name is Ella. I’m going to tell you a somewhat difficult story, and I want to know what everyone thinks. My fifteen-year-old daughter has been dating twenty-year-old Nathan for a year now.

Now, to be quite honest, as a single mother who has seen it all, I had my reservations about Nathan. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was a truly kind guy. I became aware that I was thinking of him as my adopted child as I got to know him better.

I wasn’t very happy when I learned something about her that, at that age, I didn’t want. One day when she returned home, she said to me, “Mom, I have to tell you something, but you need to promise me that you won’t be upset.”

I had heard that line before, of course, and I had my contingency plan. My mind started running through all kinds of possible situations, and I blamed myself for allowing Nathan to worm his way into my heart! I even blamed myself for letting down my guard around him.

I’m not sure how, but I got a hunch that he was involved in something my kid would find interesting!

However, I made an effort to hide my doubts from others while trying to be a decent father. “Baby, what is it? You are aware that I can ask you anything? I said calmly. With a sigh, she took a big breath and said, rather hesitantly:

“I am the mother of Nathan’s child.” You’re going to be a grandmother.

I was really surprised! I had never thought of that as a possibility, for whatever reason. After all, Rose was a baby herself, and she was going to become a mother! My heart sank at the thought of how severely her life would change.

Now that she had to put off getting her college degree, I could only picture all the problems she would have to cope with.

I was worried that she might have to drop out of school altogether given what she and Nathan wanted to achieve. Seeing the fear in my eyes, my daughter gave me consolation:

“I know you wanted me to concentrate on planning for the future, but Nathan and this baby are really important to me.”

She gave me her word that everything would be alright. I surrendered to the joy that struck me upon realizing I would soon have a grandson! I got up, hugged her, and congratulated her and Nathan. Rose then pulled away and uttered:

“Alright, let me give you another surprise.”

This time, when she held up her left hand, a ring was discovered on her wedding ring finger!

“I said yes when he proposed to Mommy!” I could tell Nathan was worried about my child and her future as soon as the waterworks started! I was overjoyed to have a newborn daughter!

In the days that followed, despite my hesitation, I couldn’t help but get excited. There were two reasons to celebrate: their marriage and the arrival of my first grandson! I was so involved in their lives that I allowed them to live in my home.

Meanwhile, Nathan got to work laying a solid foundation for his new family.

I also gave the lucky couple a dedicated nursery room in my house. It was a lot of fun decorating it with each other! However, everything in my small, usually quiet house changed drastically one fateful afternoon.

I arrived home earlier than usual, my arms weighed down with inexpensive goods from the local store. To prepare for the arrival of my granddaughter, I made several purchases. But I was unaware that the peace of the day would soon disintegrate before my eyes.

I walked into the kitchen with a bounce in my step, only to see Rose there. All she had on was her lovely panties. Her expression of astonishment mirrored the pace of my racing heart, which appeared to recognize an issue before I did.

“Mom! Why are you leaving for home so early? Rose fumbled and her voice faltered.

I heard someone ask in a deep, foreign voice, “Baby, who are you talking to?” from the hallway before I could answer. The chat felt casual and intimate, and when I discovered it wasn’t Nathan, my stomach turned!

When I finally observed Rose holding two steaming cups of coffee, I let go of the diapers and other stuff. I still have shaking hands from what I saw that day.

I pointed at the mess at my feet and shouted, “I thought I’d surprise you with these.” However, it seems like I’m the one who’s surprised. Heart pounding, I moved toward the voice, ignoring Rose’s pleading, “Mom, please, let me explain!”

Nathan’s mother had given him a bedsheet, so I ignored her and pushed open the bedroom door to see a man I didn’t know!

What’s going on here, Rose? I raised a steely voice and demanded a response that seemed to linger in midair. The man stood up and tried to look respectable, which infuriated me even more.

“Oh my god, this is ma’am.”I was not aware—” he started, his eyes darting wildly.

“Go!” I cut him off harshly. He skipped past me without stopping, taking a remorseful spirit with him.

Rose was crying now, her cosmetics smeared with betrayal. Mom, it was a mistake. I was just being unimportant. Please don’t tell Nathan anything. She pleaded with me, please.

“However, you say ‘that was nothing.'” You betray everything that our family has painstakingly created for you! My eyes stung as I let out a cry.

“You have not only lied to Nathan, but to everyone.” This house and this room are ready for your future and your child’s future.

But seeing her in the mansion where we had drawn fantasies together with another man strengthened my resolve even more! You made your choice, Rose. It’s time for you to leave. Before I decide if I can ever see you in the same light again, I need some time to think things through and gather my thoughts.

Rose stumbled to the floor and seized my legs.

“Mom, I have nowhere to go and no money!” I’m afraid, please, she said. Standing there with tears in my eyes, I watched her collect the little things she had. It seemed like a piece of myself fell apart. But the pain was too fresh, and the lie too deep.

Sitting here alone in the middle of unfinished dreams, I weigh my alternatives. The baby’s paternity is seriously questioned; was Rose really carrying Nathan’s child? Should I force this truth upon him?

Was Rose’s expulsion the proper thing to do, or was it a tough enough decision?

I come to you, readers of my unsettling story, with heavy heart: Should I tell Nathan this awful truth? Was what I did to protect our family’s integrity the correct thing to do? Or have I been betrayed as a mother, acting hurtfully instead of wisely?

Ella had to send her daughter out in her story because she disregarded her house and all that she and Nathan had done for her; yet, in the story that followed, another parent was compelled to take the same drastic actions. This time, the woman in question held her ground due to an impolite and haughty future daughter-in-law.

Is it wrong that I kicked my future daughter-in-law out of my house because she demanded something about my jewelry?
Oh the drama around inherited rings! This Reddit article about engagement issues is intriguing enough to match any soap opera!

The 48-year-old woman who is the story’s protagonist loves jewelry and has an amazing collection of sparkly objects, including her emerald ring. Her son, 22, who is engaged to his lady love, extends an invitation to his fiancée for what seems to be a straightforward dinner.

Uncomfortable things happen when the future daughter-in-law tells her mother how much she adores her rarely worn emerald ring. It’s not just a matter of appreciation; she specifically desires the ring as an heirloom engagement gift in addition to the important wedding items that have already been arranged!

Our Reddit user, obviously shocked, charges her future daughter-in-law of taking advantage of her inheritance. In response, the young woman says that inheritors typically pass down their heirlooms over their lifetime.

The situation swiftly spirals out of control, with the fiancé of the daughter-in-law trailing behind in a sulk.

In support of his fiancée, the son says that giving the ring away would have been a thoughtful gesture. Mom is shocked by her son’s unexpected stance, even though her husband and daughter agree with her and support her and say the ring is hers to deal with as she pleases.

Now that the family is divided, the mother is clinging to her jewelry, and the future daughter-in-law is furious. What a fantastic tale, isn’t it? Hold on tight to the family turmoil and those rings, people!

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