Boy Didn’t Stop Kicking My Seat during a Long Flight – My Dad Taught His Parents a Nice Lesson

Long-haul flights can be uncomfortable, even in the absence of conflict. Regretfully, one father-daughter duo had to deal with a packed plane and a child whose parents didn’t provide for him in addition to the difficulties of travel.

A few years ago, on a long night trip back from India, a family got into a quarrel with the family sitting behind them. In front of the father and his 14-year-old daughter was a couple with their about 9- or 10-year-old child.

As the plane ascended higher into the night sky, the tiny child behind them began to kick the daughter’s chair repeatedly, upsetting the tranquility of the flight. Upon initially addressing the issue, the father only requested that the child cease kicking. The child hesitated, but it was just for a second before he continued.

When the father decided to fully recline his seat, the boy’s mother was seated behind him. When the mother and her husband objected and sought assistance from a flight attendant, she inquired as to whether the man wanted to retain his seat reclined. After getting an affirmative answer, the flight attendant confirmed that the parent might proceed as he pleased.

Following a few silent glances, the young boy ceased to kick the young girl’s seat. But her father took a seat back for an hour to be sure the newlyweds had learned their lesson.

Many others found the narrative to be entertaining. It was suggested that the father should have waited to fully recline his seat, possibly spilling the drinks on the couple, until they had been offered drinks.

Another individual mentioned that until they experienced a problem firsthand, many individuals wouldn’t comprehend how it affected other people. The commenter said that the pair didn’t give a damn about how their son’s kicks affected other people because they were unable to feel them while he was in the chair. But when their comfort was threatened, they realized they had to take something.

Some even shared anecdotes similar to the billboard’s narrative. One woman told of how she had become interested in the man seated behind her on a flight back from Egypt. The fact that a lady was sitting in front of him infuriated him, and he kicked her seat severely each time she moved.

At one point, the male asked to speak with a flight attendant after the woman leaned back a little. The man exclaimed that a woman shouldn’t be allowed in his area. In an attempt to move her seat straight and out of his way, he pushed it as hard as he could.

The flight attendant told the male that the woman could recline her seat if she wanted to. The woman insisted on staying in her present seat for the duration of the seven-hour journey, even though her husband offered to reposition them.

Another Reddit user disclosed that they were eighteen when they traveled from the US to the UK. Their toddler neighbor across from them was kicking their chair and generally upsetting them. The traveler went to face the child’s mother and asked if she could kindly instruct her to stop kicking the seat.

The child’s mother shrugged and said her son was free to follow his hobbies. The pundit shot back, saying that the mother should discipline her child and that they could do as they pleased unless they wanted things to get ugly. The man threatened to disgrace the woman if she did not discipline her child.

The mother didn’t seem to be concerned, so the passenger stood up and yelled at the pilot that there was a problem with the child. They continued by asking if anyone else was experiencing the same issue or if the child’s mother was just an awful parent. The woman was growing irate, but the person did not appear to care.

The passenger’s pals greeted them when they arrived at the airport after their travel. The mom and her son walked slowly past the gathering, heads lowered.

One mother was refused access into the plane with her child, despite the fact that these parents lacked the parenting abilities to keep their children under control while in flight.

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