Terrified dog set to be put down: Just watch the incredible reaction when she realizes she’s saved

Dogs that are underweight or emaciated unfortunately frequently end themselves at animal shelters. Witnessing animals suffer until they are nearly unrecognizable hurts me.

Some animals, who have suffered cruelty, yet show compassion and trust for humans, while others cower in dread at the sight of a rescuer. It is not beneficial to consider what the latter have gone through on a regular basis.

I find it hard to believe that I could ever want to hurt an animal. Moreover, I find it hard to believe that doing this could bring anyone any kind of joy.

Having said that, I believe dogs possess a sixth sense that enables them to distinguish between decent and bad people.

People who work with animals are aware of how important it is to give a neglected animal an opportunity to establish a relationship. It’s normal to play and pat a dog to reassure it that you are not a threat, but this isn’t always the best course of action.

For some people, it simply defies logic that a dog that has been subjected to abuse would be taken aback by an unfamiliar person.

In a few hours, the mixed-breed abandoned dog named Edie would be put to death. It had been a very long time since anyone had shown her any concern, and she was terrified of humans. She looked extremely undernourished and had unkempt fur.To give Edie another chance, you had to be a true animal lover.

It’s hard to watch the first section of the video. Edie is so terrified that she is unsure of what to do. She perceives this man as a threat, so she gives a startled movement of her body and lets out a bark.

Ultimately, though, the man in the video manages to grab Edie and prevent her from fleeing. Now he can be close to her.

After that, the process of creating a trust agreement moves quickly. Edie starts to realize that his aims are to help her, not to harm her. She almost depicts the instant she knows she won’t be put down anymore.

Watch Edie’s response as she finds out she’s been saved in the video below:

This is our chance to show our appreciation to people who commit their life to serving the needs of animals.

Our helpless four-legged friends would live in a far worse world without all of you.

Spread the word about this film so that more people can witness Edie’s amazing makeover.

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