Royal expert shares tragic verdict on Kate Middleton – accusing palace of not protecting her

After the scandal around the altered images surfaced, royal expert Hilary Fordwich criticized the palace for not doing more to protect Kate Middleton. Fordwich attributed the mishap to inexperience and emphasized the need for media-savvy royalty leadership.

While acknowledging Middleton’s sincere apologies, Fordwich suggested that the palace bring in top-tier specialists to deal with modern media problems. Similar charges were levied against the palace by author Tom Bower, who said that it mishandled the circumstance and disregarded Middleton’s well-being.

He underlined how important it is to support Middleton, especially while she heals from surgery. Bower issued a caution against the publishing of any more images and requested that the palace shield Middleton from unwarranted pressure. The deluge of criticism aimed at Middleton and the monarchy’s vulnerability to external factors were underscored by both analysts.

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