After dog is hit and killed by car, family’s brutal sign has the whole neighborhood talking

Whether or not one desires a dog, anyone who has ever kept or cared for one for any length of time can attest to the loving relationship that is usually developed.

I remember my father holding on to his conviction that our family would never, ever own a dog. In fact, he was so against it that he only consented to allow it to remain when my brothers and I surprised our mother with a puppy for Christmas.

Fortunately, after three months, one homeowner—my dad, to be exact—had a deeper affection for the dog than the rest and had even begun to worship the floor it walked on.

I’ve had dogs for a long time, so I know how fast they become cherished family members. It is quite heartbreaking to think about a dog dying in a fast-moving car because of this.

It’s not excessively dramatic to suggest that burying a dog can be compared to losing a close family member for some people.

Sadly, each year, far too many animals are hit and killed by irresponsible, swiftly approaching cars. You know the ones: those who seem to believe that traffic laws don’t apply to them, particularly in residential areas, or those who simply assume they can get away with driving carelessly.

It might be time to show this notice to someone you know; it gained popularity online after a sad family lost their dog to a speeding car.

The placard was apparently placed on the family’s front lawn in the hopes that passing cars would hear their loud warning.

I can directly identify to the family’s circumstances, even though other people might find the message a little forceful.

“We buried our dog last week because you won’t slow down,” the poster read. If you hurt one of my children, your family might bury you.

The image of the sign was uploaded to Reddit and then Facebook, where it became extremely well-known very fast.

One Facebook user replied, “Love the sign.” People drive too fast in neighborhoods. More than twenty is too quickly. kids on bicycles. Sometimes, when youngsters are playing in their own backyard, a ball finds its way into the street. So why is this problem there? That is the result of people being f**king ignorant. To say it plainly.

Meanwhile, a Reddit member said, “I never understand why people speed through neighborhoods…or parking lots.” Where’s the logic in it, really?

“Oh my god! The woman who ran over my dog didn’t even slow down when he escaped. just ran the man over. “A toddler could experience the same thing,” a third person commented on Facebook.

But a number of others objected to the sign as well. Some users believed that the aforementioned family should not have allowed their pets to roam the area unsupervised and maybe endanger themselves.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment area.

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