Mom who struggled with infertility shares her roller coaster story

Approximately one in five couples will experience difficulties becoming pregnant at some point in their lives.

Many feel that this is an extremely difficult and stressful time, but patience and persistence may pay off, as others can confirm.

Desiree and Ryan Fortin eventually turned to in-vitro fertilization after years of patient waiting. They prayed to God for help getting pregnant.

Soon after the IVF process, they eventually learned that Desiree was pregnant. But the couple was never ready for what was within her stomach.

Desiree and Ryan Fortin, a happy married couple who met in college, had one problem that prevented them from being a perfect match: they struggled for a long time to conceive.

Desiree and her husband tried infertility for three difficult and painful years due to her polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism, and low progesterone before deciding to use in vitro fertilization.

However, Desiree continued to get her period rather than getting a positive pregnancy test result. It was a task that was emotionally hard.

Regarding those difficult days, she said, “It wasn’t just that I couldn’t get pregnant.”

“When I was infertile, I never thought I could cry as much as I did. Several times after numerous negative pregnancy tests, I would lie on my bathroom floor feeling completely empty. It’s what you get when you seek help for infertility through fertility treatment; I had to have bruises, shots, and a number of pills. It is expensive and physically, emotionally, and psychologically taxing.

Thus, you can understand Desiree and Ryan’s happiness upon learning that their initial IVF procedure had been successful.

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And when they got the ultrasound, they were surprised to realize that three kids were growing! Success story number three: it was revealed that the couple was expecting triplets!

Nevertheless, Desiree and her family’s struggle was far from over.

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Despite her finally being pregnant, the doctors informed her that she would not be able to carry all three triplets to term.

“I was too short, too thin, and it was my first pregnancy,” is what she recalls hearing. “But my hope wounds proved she was mistaken.”

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The triplets of Fortin were born in the summer of 2015. The desire was delivered by cesarean section at 34 weeks and 1 day.

Sawyer, Jack, and Charlize were all over five pounds, and the couple was overjoyed to have them into the world.

“I’ll never forget the day I was born. As with everything parenting-related, there were unexpected turns. When the triplets were born, Desiree told Today, “Ryan took them to the neonatal intensive care unit, and I was taken to recovery.”

Due to complications and bleeding that required emergency surgery, Desiree was unable to see her adorable children right away.

But Ryan made sure the new mother saw her little miracles by giving her a FaceTime call. After two weeks in the NICU, all three babies were cleared to go home and start their lives.

Relocating to their family home and raising three children was a huge gift for Ryan and Desiree.

Even though we are lucky, being a parent is a demanding job with a lot of responsibilities. Our babies experience severe reflux, colic, and all three at the same time. Desiree claims that dealing with crying babies, sleepless nights, and a new schedule makes it difficult to create and maintain a routine.

Now that the triplets are seven years old, the whole family seems to be doing well.

Desiree’s lifestyle and activities may be followed on Instagram, where they have 150K followers.

I had no idea how many people our narrative would affect on behalf of God. “It’s been an incredible experience,” she says.

It was there that she revealed that she and Ryan are expecting a child together! This beautiful family will turn six soon!

I firmly think that by sharing your life narrative and experiences, Desiree, it could help other beleaguered couples dealing with infertility. I’m grateful.

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