Pregnant mom takes amazing picture — but look who shows up to the right

Taking photos of the expectant mother’s baby belly and documenting the pregnancy is a fantastic way for soon-to-be parents to preserve the joy and wonder of starting a new family.

The couple will always have the pregnancy pictures to look back on and remember the times leading up to the birth of their beloved child.

Even while every picture of a pregnant lady is beautiful in and of itself, some are just more stunning than others.

Dan Mozer, 30, a future father, suggested that he and his partner snap some pictures at the nearby Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville, Florida.

The beach is a favorite place for locals to relax, promenade, and take pictures.

Dan asked his wife, Angelina, to snap some pictures with the lake as the background after getting an inspiration flash.

He pulled out his camera and snapped a couple pictures.

Angelina smiled widely, showing off her expanding baby bump in front of the surfers’ waves.

But when Dan saw what was in the background, he knew he had hit the once-in-a-lifetime photo.

Something materialized behind Angelina at precisely the perfect time.

A dolphin that came to the surface of the water when Dan was taking the picture!

Given that Dan knew there were dolphins in the area, it wasn’t totally shocking. Nevertheless, he never thought he would actually catch a glimpse of one leaping against the backdrop of his wife’s pregnant portrait.

“Ah, my God,” I said to myself after accepting it. Dan told AWM that she regrettably missed it entirely.

Dan and Angelina credit their 27-year-old son Courtland with taking the picture. Courtland calling the dolphin out of his mother’s womb is the subject of jokes between the two.

Dan provided Yahoo with additional details regarding the capture of the amazing image, saying, “We could see the dolphins’ dorsal fins, and someone started screaming to us that there were dolphins.” Then, seemingly out of nowhere, this thing jumps out of the water.

Maybe the dolphin knew what was going on?

“I thought the picture of the first jump was the best, but the dolphin really jumped twice,” said Dan.

Despite Courtland’s apparent ability to whisper dolphins, Angelina and Dan have opted against changing his name. Dan clarified, “No, we’re not renaming him Dolph Finn, as some have suggested.”

Dan took that amazing picture, don’t you think? If you agree, do spread the word!

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