Woman turns shed into gorgeous tiny home & brings cameras inside to show how she makes it work

Although many view becoming home owners as a dream come true, the challenges of selecting the perfect location, as well as the high cost of down payments and mortgages, may sometimes make it feel more like a nightmare.

Some homeowners even sell their houses in order to release themselves from the mortgage payment load.

Let us introduce you to Precious Price, a woman who devised a clever solution to escape her mortgage dilemma.


Instead of giving in to the pressures of house ownership, she transformed the shed in her backyard into a charming small home.

Moreover, what else? She had this excellent idea during the pandemic.

Before the global outbreak, Precious had a specific arrangement.

She rented out her primary residence and used the rental income to pay her mortgage while she was away on business travels.

She had to stay put, though, when travel restrictions were implemented in 2020.

Precious surveyed her expansive home, which featured three bedrooms and two and a half baths, and pondered her options.

She expressed it honestly:

I’m not very thrilled about having to pay my mortgages. I had neglected to pay my mortgage on time. Since Airbnb had been essentially paying my mortgage for me all those months prior, I didn’t want to continue doing so.

Recognizing her creative nature, Precious started to make her shed a cozy retreat.

Her tiny house is a warm and inviting sanctuary.

She showed off her home with pride, emphasizing how cozy it is despite its small size.

It features a day bed with soft pillows and a quaint side table, making it the ideal spot to relax.

But that’s not all.

Her kitchen’s creative use of available space is astounding.

It features a tiny dining table that seats two people nicely in front of a TV.

With a refrigerator, microwave, and induction burner in the kitchen, she can cook and watch her favorite television program.

A large sliding door greets visitors as they enter the restroom.

There is an opulent bathroom with a toilet, vanity mirror, and shower within.

Precious made a smart choice when she went with a glass shower door, which not only adds flair but also makes the space appear larger.

The focal point of her tiny house is the loft bed.

It is cozy and perched, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.

Precious’s determination to create a personal haven is demonstrated by the loving nickname she named her modest house: “The Cove Escape.”

It is immensely inspiring to see Precious’s journey from a mortgage-burdened homeowner to a happy owner of a modest property.

During her house tour, she flaunted her gorgeous home and gave invaluable advise to anyone thinking about taking a similar trip.

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