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I will publish the piece even though I have very little probability of it being thoroughly read or shared.

Naturally, if the article featured images of cats or dogs, which most of us love and care for, our appreciation and outrage would be overwhelming.

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Sadly, many of bees have perished as a result of the insecticides used in our country. Unfortunately, this is the conclusion of our life cycle.
If bees disappear off the face of the Earth, we humans will not have more than four years to survive.

Why are bees considered the most important creatures on Earth?

We have all benefited from the extraordinary attributes of bee products since we were small children, and we all understand the huge relevance of bees in our daily lives. The results of studies conducted on their presence are as follows:

The Earthwatch Institute concluded during the recent London Royal Geographic Society meeting that bees are the most important living thing on Earth. In addition to this news, however, researchers also proclaimed that bees are now regarded as insects with a high risk of extinction.

“If bees disappeared, humanity would only be able to survive for four years at most.”
Albert Einstein, who passed away,

According to recent studies, bee populations have declined by up to 90% worldwide, with local causes varying. Some of the main causes are extensive deforestation, a scarcity of safe places for bees to build their nests, a lack of flowers, negligent use of pesticides, changing soil, and a reduction in the number of beekeepers.

Nearly 70% of world agriculture depends on these insects, and one could argue that 70 out of every 100 foods consumed by humans are produced by bees.

Moreover, the principal food supply for millions of animals is plant reproduction, which depends on bee pollination. Without it, the fauna would soon begin to disappear.

Exist solutions to this problem?

There are solutions, but they are hard to implement in today’s society because of Romania’s harmful production and farming methods.

Nonetheless, several professional suggestions have been made in the hopes that they will be implemented as soon as feasible:

limiting rather than prohibiting the use of dangerous pesticides. It is advised to convert to insecticides that do not damage pollinators.

supporting farming with all-natural options.

continuously researching and monitoring bee welfare, health, and conservation.

supporting programs that let people help beekeepers and contribute to the struggle to save bees, including purchasing organic honey or taking part in national campaigns like “Adopt a Hive.” By taking the initiative, you can participate in this form of activity.

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