Queen Camilla ‘outraged’ after Prince Harry’s visit to see his father for “loving son PR stunt”, claims source

Startling rumors claim that Queen Camilla was enraged by Prince Harry’s decision to leave the country and travel across the Atlantic without first getting permission from the palace after learning of his father’s cancer diagnosis.RadarOnline, citing the National Enquirer, made some outrageous charges today regarding Camilla and her stepson’s tumultuous relationship. The former asserted, among other things, that Harry and Charles’ encounter lasted only thirty minutes.

Harry boarded an aircraft to return to the UK after discovering Charles’s cancer diagnosis, ostensibly from Charles himself. However, in contrast to predictions, his homecoming did not seem to open the door for further peace talks.
Instead, it seems that Harry and his father had a brief actual meeting before the King flew to Sandringham, the royal retreat. Harry allegedly wasn’t permitted to follow.

The specific topics that the father and son spoke about are unknown, and it is unlikely that they will ever be made public. The public has also not been informed about Charles’ cancer; although we know the King is receiving treatment, not many people are aware of the exact type or stage of the disease.

Still, not all royal family members were overjoyed by Harry’s recent visit to the UK.Numerous allegations have circulated that Prince William refused to see his younger brother, and a recent RadarOnline article implies that Queen Camilla was enraged with her stepson.

Her Majesty became enraged.A person who talked to the National Enquirer claimed that Harry flew in from his lavish California home without permission from the palace and arrived with an attitude.

It goes without saying that Camilla did not take Harry’s order to leave the room before meeting with his father well. This information is stated in the same article.

“Camilla was furious,” the source said. She was excited to present it to Harry because she had been harboring many grudges against him for a long time.

It was believed that Harry and Camilla had been at odds for years due to Harry’s belief that she was to blame for the breakdown of Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage.

“Camilla has taken it all in stride, but painting her husband’s cancer as a ‘loving son’ PR stunt was the final straw,” the insider continued.

“I’ve heard her tell Harry that he’s a disgrace to the monarchy, the family, and his father—and she made it very clear that she doesn’t want him back!” is what I’ve heard transpired following the father-son get-together.

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