Inside “The Sacred Space” Of Bette Midler: The Impressive Shots Of The Family Pool House Designed By Her Husband!

In the movie business, Bette Midler and Martin von Haselberg—who have been together for nearly forty years—have come to represent unwavering love. Their love journey began in 1984 with an impulsive marriage in Las Vegas and has grown into a deep and enduring partnership. Midler feels nostalgic about their unusual wedding, complimenting its simplicity and lack of photographic documentation.

The couple’s journey began as soon as they got together because they made the quick decision to tie the knot. Despite Midler’s prominence in the entertainment industry, their hasty marriage was seen as a dangerous move.

Nevertheless, it prepared the ground for a solid partnership. The foundation of their successful marriage is their shared commitment to raising a family, which grew even more significant once their daughter Sophie was born two years into the union. By focusing their attention on creating a caring atmosphere for their child, this turning point aided in strengthening their marriage.

Haselberg has been a devoted husband and father who has given their daughter his language and cooking skills. He transitioned from a career in performing arts to commodities trading. Midler attributes part of their marriage’s success to their education in the value of open communication and the art of compromise.

As a special way to express his love for his family, Haselberg built an incredible pool house on their Millbrook, New York, home. This unique space is a physical representation of Haselberg’s creative vision and his commitment to making his family happy. It was created with a whimsical and artistic flair.

The pool house’s bright interior was inspired by recollections of avant-garde architecture and simple country churches, while its quirky exterior creates a striking contrast with it.

In order to bring bold colors and unique design elements to the space, such as the baby pink lacquered floors and the lavender-painted ceiling, Haselberg collaborated with creative consultant Nancy Kintisch. The large built-in sofa and deftly concealed facilities in the interior give it a whimsical sophistication that is reflected in its simple yet humorous form.

Haselberg’s inventive approach was influenced by his love of revered locations and a famous building design from Venice, California. His intention was to create a space that merged the unexpected with the serene; the result is a pool house whose exterior resembles a structure and whose interior is vibrant.

The transformation of the traditional facade into a lively family space is a reflection of Haselberg’s imaginative vision as well as the couple’s shared enjoyment of meaningful and innovative architecture.

This amazing pool home is not only a great spot to relax and host family gatherings, but it also stands as a testament to the couple’s unshakable morality and love. Since Midler and Haselberg are adaptable, innovative, and family-oriented, they have cultivated a long-lasting and inspirational alliance.

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